Friday, October 9, 2009

This post is for....well, you know who you are

This post is for the one who thinks this blog is about 80% boring, 10% lame, 5% nerdy, 3% *yawn* and 2% sorta kinda maybe a little bit interesting.

(And no, this isn't for the brother who can't even stand to hear the word blog because he thinks it's the dumbest thing of all time. This person actually reads it, occasionally.)

In this post I am going to attempt to be interesting, try to find something non mommy/wifey related, and maybe even touch upon something controversial.

But before I do here is my disclaimer: I am very conservative, and I do have strong feelings and opinions about things. However, I respect and value your beliefs and opinions, and I love you, all of you, no matter what you believe. So please respect me for my feelings and beliefs and don't start hating me all over the net if I say something you disagree with. Comment all you want (but nice language please).

I am worried, terrified even sometimes, about where we are going as a people. It doesn't matter where you the history books, in the Bible, in the Book of'll see that we're making a lot of mistakes that have been made in the past. There are a lot of causes as to why we are becoming (for lack of a better word) a wicked people. We are forsaking values that were considered non-negotiable at the signing of our constitution. As a whole, we are turning inward, focusing on pleasing ourselves and our selfish desires.

I am not without hope, I am never without hope, but I still have this gut feeling that things are going to get worse before they get better. I could go on and on about what I think is the cause of this decline. I could bore you to tears with all of the evidences I have seen to back up my observations. Then we could get in a "discussion" about how to define evil and wickedness and blah blah blah but here's the thing. It all comes down to two things for me:

The turning away from God.

The breakdown of the family.

If we can somehow embrace those two things and bring them back, stronger than ever before, we will keep going the way we are. And I promise you, it's not a good place.

So, over time, I'll let it all out right here on this blog, so you know just where I stand. And if I lose most or all of my readers so be it. I will no longer sit idly by. I cannot.

Everything I hold dear is at stake.


  1. So true! So true! This is why we need to have FHE, family scripture, family prayer. These things make us strong. While the wicked are getting more wicked, please remember the righteous are also getting more righteous. Your blog is not boring, to say the least! I like it. Forget about those dumb subscribers, I will always be here. ALWAYS!

    We just need to stay on the straight and narrow. ALWAYS PRAY! We must never forget!
    One CLuttered Brain:)

  2. The evidence is everywhere - it's just that people choose to ignore it.

    Good for you for not being one of them, my dear!

  3. I agree and i also think that just like any form of evil people experience they think they are alone. That all the bad in their lives are theirs alone. And it is time that as mothers, wives, husbands, and as individuals we have got to stand together and regain the power and confidence to take on the daily evils that are out there. From the simple beginnings to the whole life consuming evils. He plants but a seed of evil, of contention, of self doubt.
    HE only needs space the size of a seed to plant and then it gets watered by doubt and it shakes our faith our knowledge and finally it has taken over. So as the evil has multiplied 100 fold.
    It is time to head to the spirit and take back what is ours we are the only ones who with in the walls of our homes and churches we can plant our own seeds. Seeds of faith, forgiveness, compassion,service. And we can share with our friends, families,neighbors, strangers. By word and deed that we are better than the evil and we stand together and overcome.

  4. You are so right! If only everyone could see that.

  5. Did-Doo! we need to get together we live so close. It takes a strong person to say what you just said. Thank you.

  6. You know I love you and think you are awesome.. this is great! You are a strong, strong woman and I admire you!

    Here's how I see it: You have two choices. You can follow Satan or you can follow Jesus.

    To me it is such a no brainer. Some people just don't want to follow Jesus or God. But they don't recognize that by doing that they are following Satan or at least giving in to him.

    They are selfish, they want to be "happy". But it just doesn't work that way. You won't find true happiness with Satan. He can be quite tricky and tempting, but it's so not the real deal! I learned a valuable lesson the hard way and I will never let him trick me like that again. Luckily the light shone through and showed me what would happen if I were to keep up with my choice I had made. (this was about 9 years ago)

    John and I have made choices that we thought were "ok". We did things that we thought made us happy or would make us happy. But during those times we did not find peace, the so called happiness was extremely short-lived and I ended up hurt and angry, which in turn made John angry and it was a nasty vicious cycle. For some dumb reason we flip-flopped back and forth.

    I'm so thankful that John was strong enough to put his best foot forward and get us back to church. Back to the basics. What a difference it's made.

    You know where we are at now, and I've never been happier. For months now people have told John and even myself that I just GLOW!

    I even thought I was doing good before because I still believed, because in my own way I was spiritual, but it wasn't enough. It takes sacrifice and 100% faith and it is very much worth it!

    *sorry so long*

  7. You Go Girl! Be Brave and let it out! I happen to agree myself.

  8. You go girl! Speak your mind! You have to stay true to yourself and that's exactly what you are doing! I agree totally!

  9. Everything IS at stake, and I am not so optimistic as I once was that we can turn it around. I have turned focus to where I can make it do the most good - charity work, telling those I know what I believe, keeping my own "house" in order, and teaching my children to live a purposeful life for the Heavenly Father. I pray that if everyone were to do the same, maybe all would not be not lost. Right now, the world is not headed in a direction I want to go.

  10. From your "dumb subscriber" glad to know you care enough to write something that isn't about giveaways or reviews or being a mom which I am not. I still like all your posts despite what you say! :) All I can say about this topic is that I know that in the end that is how things will be! What a relief to know that! But you are right, things will get worse before they get better. It takes one of us at a time like my beautiful sister to help others see the truth.

  11. Good for you! I look forward to hearing your take on the world!

  12. I agree completely. Sometimes I just wanna grab my family and hide somewhere away from the world.


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