Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If I had a million dollars...

The first thing I would do is get us out of debt. So that I wouldn't have to lay awake at night thinking about how we're going to make our money stretch to pay all the bills, knowing that it might not happen.

Then, I would put a big chunk in savings for my children and for emergencies. I could sleep at night knowing we're not just making it paycheck to paycheck.

Then, I would share what I could with those I know that are struggling just like we are.

I would also have a free preschool class, for those that can't afford it. Just because I love the kids. I would do it for free now if I could.

I know that I need to learn to live without more, I need to budget better, and I know everyone needs to learn that lesson. But oh how I wish I could help others in need. To help them sleep better at night.

I wouldn't want a big ostentatious house, just being able to buy a house of our own, a modest house, would be a dream come true. (Although I might hire a maid to come once a week, they need jobs too you know;)

I wouldn't go out and buy a bunch of things we don't really need. Although I can't guarantee I wouldn't buy something for others....just to make their day. (And to help our economy, ;)

I wouldn't buy a new car. Ours work just fine for now, even if they are boring.

I wouldn't change the way I live, or dress. I wouldn't change the way I love others. I wouldn't change anything really.

But I'm pretty sure I'd still sleep better at night.

*sigh* Here's to dreaming.

What would you do with a million dollars?


  1. Mama Nut asked this question before on her blog. I believe I said something like this.
    1. Pay off debt.
    2. Send Daniel to school to complete a degree. (We are actually working on that one right now.)
    3. Hire a maid.
    4. Take kids to Disneyland.
    5. Post a bunch of really cool giveaways on my blog.
    6. Manicure/pedicure, I LOVE getting my nails done I just can NEVER afford it!
    7. Drive to Provo, visit friends.
    8. Drive to Saratoga Springs, visit 2 of my friends there, (Yes Sharla you are one of my friends I'd like to visit.)
    9. Save money. (That would probably be one of the first things I do.)
    10. Breathe deeply. I finally have money to pay my bills and there is NO worry involved...AHHH!!! Bliss. How did your kids like the caramel popcorn? Did YOU like the bread? I hope it held up well.
    Have a good day, Sharla! Smile!
    (I signed up dor Naniwrimo this year. Nov. is nat'l novel writing month, write a novel in 30 days.) ACK! What have I gotten myself into now?

  2. If I had a million , can I just wish we had some income coming in. Then i'll tell you.

  3. I would invest it safely and use the interest for items needed, gifts and charity. Oh - and of course the interest rate would be high! (Since I'm wishing!) We can all probably think of 20 (twenty) or more things we'd do!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  4. pay off my student loan! buy a modest property. incorporate my non-profit. help others.

  5. It is so hard to say. I think most would go to my adult kids so they can start out with a house and the things they need that I did not have. Pay for their educations, and debts. We don't have much except for the house. It is different when the kids are older and so are we. I think we would invest the rest and then travel on the dividends to see everyone.

  6. buy a house, buy a second car, put away enough food in storage that i could "relax" and go out for a great dinner! oh and change my wishlist to add to cart on amazon!!

  7. I would spend it all on bubblegum, I mean who can live without that! No, I would go to school and I would buy a years worth of food storage and I would buy a house. Then the rest would go to my family and friends.

  8. My husband and I talk about this all of the time. Our "plans" (wish/hope/dream) would have us with an outline eerily similar to yours...

    My sleeplessness and my husbands undercurrent of stress are pretty financial too. yesterday I found this site called MoneyStrands and we LOVE it. We set up our budget, entered in our debt and were immediately encouraged. It is something we can look at and identify with. We saw (via a pie chart) where our money goes, what the community average is. I've never been a fan of money or budget sites but it really encouraged us.
    in fact- I slept...

  9. Pretty similar...I would pay off all my school loans, I would buy a house of our own back by family, and definitely would get new cars, since the 1 we have is pretty old and broken down and our other one got smashed to bits when a young guy ran a stop sign. And I would definitely give a good chucnk to some charities that need the help :) Happy Halloween!
    Fellow SITSta,

  10. Pretty much the same as you. Pay bills, sock some away for the future and help others.

  11. Tithe, pay off bills, put some in savings, pay off my Grandma's house (to keep her stress free like I would be), go to university!!

    Happy SITS Saturday!

  12. I know I'd graduate from college a LOT sooner and with a LOT less debt! And maybe I could even think about graduate school. :)


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