Friday, September 18, 2009

I can't even dream about other men.

Last night I had a dream that I was young, skinny-ish and single again. Barely out of high school. I have dreams similar to this quite often and my dreams are also very vivid and I am fairly good at remembering them. (Unlike most things)

Anyway, in this dream there was a cute boy that I had a crush on that I was flirting with shamelessly. (Funny enough, I could not tell you a thing about what he looked like.) This little drama played out where this shy girl also liked him but I sashayed my way in and won the boy whilst apologizing so sweetly to the shy girl that sorry...he's taken. Sound like a really bad sitcom? I thought so too.

Well as this dream goes on Eldon suddenly shows up in all his tall, handsome glory and then I suddenly realize I'm married to him so I feel dumb and guilty about flirting with this other (turns out) younger boy but also incredibly relieved to know that I am married to Eldon instead. Phew.

The dream goes on and suddenly my family shows up and my Mom is watching my kids and wondering what in the heck I've been doing and why I wasn't watching them myself and blah blah blah real life creeps back in until I'm myself at 29 again in my not so skinny-ish body with my hubby and four kids.

And I'm totally relieved.

And I'm telling you, I have dreams similar to this way too often with the same ending every time.

On July 31, 2009 Eldon and I reached 10 years of marriage. I honestly love him more now than when we got married. I can't imagine an existence without him, even in my dreams.

Honeymoon, 1999

I don't talk about him here a lot and I don't really know why except that I feel like our marriage and relationship is a sacred thing. It's good you guys, really good.

In my eyes he is way too stinkin' smart, sexy, an amazing Dad, a great husband, sweet, caring, loving, adorable, funny, silly, and absolutely perfect for me.

In his eyes I am young, and beautiful, and smart, and sexy. In his eyes I'm a good Mom and a good wife.

And that is something I will never ever give up.

Not even in my dreams.


  1. I think sometimes we are given those dreams to remind us how happy we are exactly where we are in the world. Congrats on 10 years this summer.

  2. Come on post a picture of you guys now. Your haircut is SOO darn cute!!! Happy Anniversary sharla!!!

  3. Well said! Hope you have an even happier next 10 years too!

  4. Happy late 10 yr anniversary! That is awesome.

  5. I love it! I love happy marriages. :) I'm about to celebrate ten years and feel luckier every day I spend with this man. You guys were adorable ten years ago.

  6. That was so sweet! I love good marriages too, it isn't as common as it ussed to be.

  7. Thanks for sharing! You're half- way to your twenty (20) year anniversary!

  8. I am jealous that I have never had such a dream where I am young and beautiful again!

    But, I can say that I have lots of jealous girlfriends because I too have a one of a kind husband. They see how he cares for me, kisses me everyday, tells me how beautiful I am, everyday and how he puts my needs and the kids needs above his own, every time. He never tells me no.

    My girlfriends are always asking me what to do to make their men do what Papa does. You can't make them do it. It is just something he has done because he wants to do it. It is his heart and soul that makes him want to do it. Not what I do to MAKE him. If I had to make him, would it be worth it?

    Even when I try to make it about him, he gets upset and says that what matters to him most and what makes him happiest is being able to give of himself.... loving, and caring for us.

    But, I was able to get him a few things that made him very happy and feel like a kid. Gosh, I was so happy to see him so tickled to have a couple things he would have never allowed me to buy for him or bought for himself. (I won them, so he could not get upset at me for spending money on him, even though HE CAN spend money on ME)

    My girlfriends get manicures, sexy clothes, make extravegant meals in hopes of a compliment or for a little attention and Papa gives it almost every minute of the day without any prodding. He is really bad at never telling me no. But, he is getting better. My girlfriends are very jealous and keep asking me how I do it. It is not me, it is him and his spirit. His faith and what he wants to do. I cannot make him kiss me or tell me how beautiful I am. Well, maybe if I payed someone off to do it. But, he would not allow me to spend any money on him.

    If it was not for him and his love and attention for what the kids do, they probably would not be as successful as they are today. He supported them in everything they did. Went to every game, play, concert, competition and did what ever he could to pay for the camps or programs they wanted to participate in. I wish I could say I attended every single event.

    I want to dream about being under 30, healthy and skinny again! I do have my "flying" dreams all the time. And the ones where I go back to high school, but, I am still an old woman!

    We are so blessed to have such rare men that love us no matter what and I thank the lord every day that this man stayed true to our vows. Sickness and health, richer or poorer. We have been through and going through both to the extreme and this man is my rock. We never fight or have fought over money and he has never complained about how my disability inconveniences his life. having to take off from work to care for me or wake up at 3am and call the ambulance and go to the hospital or lift my 200 pound scooter into the van because we can't afford a ramp. We could not even afford the scooter, someone gave it to us! He only says, "My life would be empty and incomplete without you in it no matter what condition you are in, I only need you by my side".

    My only wish is that he would let me do all the special things I want to do for him. He wants to be the one giving to others and does not like being the reciepient. Go figure.

    God Bless you and your wonderful family. We are 21 years now. You and him are going to love it when the kids fly the nest and have the house to yourselfs, but, only for the first month...then you will want them to come back. We really miss the kids. Hopefully Mason will move back to the area when he is finished at school. We know we raised them right when they say they are going to make it big and buy us a house...LOL!
    We are soooo blessed. I hope you have many happy dreams. I think my flying dreams are happy ones of me finally being free and happy since meeting my man.

  9. PS, you are to beautiful! And he is so handsome! Are you sure you were not dreaming of a younger version of your husband?

    You both are too cute!

  10. That is so funny! I understand. I'm the weirdo dreamer in my house. My family loves to make fun of my crazy dreams.
    Maybe we're just overstimulated moms...and we need a sweet vaca (like a cruise or something).
    Heehee :)
    Guess that's not gonna happen!

  11. Good to know I'm not the only one who has those crazy dreams, though I usually only experience them while pregnant!

  12. So sweet... and I guess that's how it should be. Plus you get the added bonus of telling the world you are actually married to the man of your dreams. :) Who knew that we had to wait for that to become reality rather than just finding our dream man and then marrying him?? :)

  13. You are a beautiful and lucky gal, inside and out! You know why he's like he is? Cause you bring out the best in him!

  14. This is for you!

  15. Such a wonderful tribute.

    I feel the same way about my husband. I love him so much more now than when were first married. So.Much.More.

    He is my best friend, my confidant, and my only love.

  16. I love that picture of you guys. Happy late anniversary. I'm glad I'm not the only one with weird dreams. Makes ya wonder huh?


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