Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Mom you can help cheer me up!! Please help!

I found out about this contest from Katie, the owner over at The Giveaway who I work with. I actually nominated her too but knowing how much I want and need a laptop she said she wouldn't mind if I entered too. So I need your help!
And if you nominate me make sure you tell me in the comments on my giveaway for extra entries!!

The Momlogic Community and Mom Bloggers Club are teaming up to find the best of the best mom bloggers!
(I need TEN nominations before tomorrow night so I need my readers to respond quick if I'm going to be in the running!)

The Top 10 bloggers will be chosen April 30 by four judges, Parent and Child Magazine’s Mommy Blogger Award recipients Jana Matthews of The Meanest Mom and Sandy Lee of Momisodes, along with Mom Bloggers Club founder, Jennifer James, and momlogic community manager and author of Taiwan-On, Jackie Morgan MacDougall. Our community members will then be invited to judge the finalists, with the WINNERS being announced May 7 during the momlogic community's Mom's Nite Out event!

Grand Prize: A laptop computer and a new blog design by PLUS, the Mother's Day lead story spot on!
2nd/3rd place New blog design and prime space on on Mother’s Day!
The remaining top ten will also be featured on this Mother’s Day in our special Mother of All Bloggers feature!



Become a member of Mom Logic (quick, easy and painless, I promise)

On my main page leave a comment saying that you nominate me before 11:59 tomorrow night! Or as soon as you read this!!

Thank you, sweet readers! And thank you also for your comments that made me smile, laugh and cry the last couple of days. Why would I ever quit blogging with friends like you??!!


  1. I hope I did it right!! =) Good luck girly!

  2. I'm not in any of your giveaways at present but ya got my vote kiddo!!!

  3. Done, I think that's ten now.

  4. I nominated you, good luck I hope you win.

  5. I went to nominate you but then I saw this:

    The Mom Nerd has TEN nominations!! Woot! Woot! I really need a laptop!!

    Congrats - hope you win!


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