Thursday, April 16, 2009

In a funk.....

So maybe you have noticed that it's Thursday and I haven't posted since Monday? Or maybe not..... I don't know how anyone has time to read this, I can't seem to find the time to brush my teeth lately. (so gross.....of course I still brush them.....but you know what I mean.)

I am in such a funk. I don't want to do anything, I can't get excited about anything, I just feel so.....blah. I wish spring would just come for real already and I wish we'd just get a job so I know what the heck we're doing. I think I told you we had three interviews. We've only heard back from one so far and they told him he was their #2 choice and that he did everything right. And then we found out today that a retired college professor got that job, so not big shocker there that we didn't. Plus that one was in a place that I didn't want to move so I'm not too sad about it. But still...

I know that things will work out. But this waiting game is a pain. And I feel so guilty because I have no passion or motivation for anything in my life. I'm ready to be done with preschool and piano and my calling and all the other responsibilities I have here. But that's lame too because for one I need the money, and two, I can't fink out just because I'm in a funk. So lame.

My twins are turning 2 on Monday and I haven't planned a single thing. I guess we'll have a cake or something that night but do you see what a slacker I am right now?

So I need some advice. What can I do to get out of my funk? Any suggestions for last minute birthday ideas?

Because I obviously need help.


  1. You can do what I did for my four year old's birthday - hot dogs for dinner (as per his request) and Betty Crocker Warm Delights for cake. That way, I didn't actually have to make one!

    I hope you get some answers soon!

  2. So sorry things are difficult for you right now. You need to pamper yourself a little - go have a massage. I recently made my 2yr old granddaughter a caterpillar birthday cake out of cupcakes, which was easy peasy (the tutorial's on my blog Take care - I love reading your blog and really hope you can have more certainty soon. Remember, God has it all under control!

  3. Ick. I can totally relate to a funk. This may seem cheesy and a little too "Molly" - but I do service to get out of it sometimes. Dropping off some treat or cutesy craft or something at some random friend's house always makes me feel better. Plus, as a bonus, if you make treats you get to eat some too. And eating junk is my #2 way to get out of a funk!

  4. I'm so sorry this is happening to you? Sorry about the job loss. My Aunt told me and she also said that other people got laid off. So where are the jobs that he applied for? Hey if you ever come up in this area let me know. I would love to get together with you. We still plan on moving to Misssouri if Deven gets a job there. He graduates in August and we can't wait.
    Take care,

  5. Oops, I commented on the feed on FB.... didn't realize that there was more to this. Learning curve!!!

    Okay, first of all - do you need me to go beat up the Professor? LOL ;-) j/k but hopefully it gave you a chuckle.

    Secondly: birthdays: not a big fan, personally. Don't like parties, don't like planning out decorations that are just a waste of time and money. (My mom says she raised a Scrooge, but well, yeah. I guess so. lol) I say make some cupcakes and let them each have 2. Since they are 2. Obviously. And if they don't eat it all, well, not a big deal. Let 'em make a big old birthday mess and just go with the flow. Enjoy them. Don't worry about the trappings and the junk. Just play, have a good time, get some cute pictures to remember them at this age and forget all the "junk" people spring for. Having some big hurking party doesn't make you Super Mom - and NOT having one doesn't make you Crappy Mom.

    At least I hope not.... cuz I took my daughter to Dunkin Donuts for her 8th birthday and didn't decorate a single thing. Uh oh....there goes my mother of the year award.

    Again. *sigh* ;-)

    Know that there are peaks and there are valleys and throughout it all your friends (IRL and bloggity) are by your side. Sometimes you need a cruddy, nasty, funky period to really make you appreciate the good stuff that comes next.


  6. I've been in a funk, too. I typically need to change something (like get a hair cut, change my routine, etc) to get myself out of a funk. Hang in there! Take a break if you need it (it did me some good) but don't give up!

  7. I am totally feeling you on this. I need to really work hard to get motivated to do anything lately. What helps me is making plans with others to go do something fun. Even if its just going for a walk, window shopping, etc. It is nice to talk to someone.

  8. I am telling you, it is spring fever!
    You and me both, it has not been a good week of all.
    I am sure the party is gonna turn out just wonderful. All of my parties for the kids have always been at the last minute. You are a wonderful mother, and I know that you're going to do everything for them to have a Great time.
    I'll come back hoping to hear what a wonderful time you had with the birthday party.

  9. My family get like that this time of year when we are ready for it to be nice weather and it isn't yet. What she will do is throw us a Hawiaan party (or somewhere warm) she will decorate, make hawiaan food and then watch a movie or play games. The change of pace is nice and helps to get us out of our funk.
    You could also try a vacation ( I think they are called staycations) where you find things to do where you live that you don't or haven't done before. Good luck with that!

  10. I know the feeling! If you are like me, which I know you are, find something to distract your mind for a little while. Get a babysitter and go to the movies with Eldon or get some girlfriends and go out and get your nails done and your hair done up all pretty, make the house all pretty, get some candles and do a romantic date with Eldon, nice dinner, dancing, movie, any of these would make me feel good. Or if that all takes to much work tell Eldon to call me and I tell him what to do so you don't have to plan! :) I love ya, I know how you feel trust me.

  11. Okay, twin, my son turned 2 yesterday. He got cupcakes for breakfast, and my mom sent him a wagon. Best birthday ever, I think.

    My husband is job hunting right now, too, but so far no interviews even. You're doing great.

    No ideas on the funk. I tend to drag periodically. Ofttimes a casual trip to target, Dr. Pepper in hand, helps enormously.

  12. my funk and your funk seem to have a lot in common. Perhaps they should go away together, on some sort of extended vacation because I am darn tired of mine hanging around here...

  13. I'm a birthday ba humbug. I don't like to have parties. My husband wanted a party for Tyson and I told him if he planned it .. Otherwise I just had family over for a little cake and ice cream. I made cupcakes(no cake) and he didn't even eat one so IM good! They are two.. make lots of cupcakes one for each of them in the form of a 2!

    Good luck I like the caterpillar cake idea

  14. It's seriously in the air right now. I don't know what the deal is but I've read lots of bloggers in the same boat. Are we all running on the same cycle? (TMI) lol

    How about take a shower when someone can watch the kids and see what happens! Some times I get my best list of to dos when I'm in the shower.

  15. I'm one of those with not enough time to read stuff until like 3 days after it's written if I get to it at all lately . . . sorry! Hopefully when little guys get feeling better it will help (a good night's sleep always helps me).

    I like to go shoot stuff when I'm in a funk--Maybe we could sneak away with a rifle, couple boxes of ammo, and no kids . . . ;) You've had some great suggestions here. Too bad it's so stinkin cold today--getting outside helps me also, like going for a walk or something but not when I'm going to freeze to death doing it! Let me know if I can help!

  16. Wow you aren't the only one who feels the way you do. Go for an hour walk and come back feeling refreshed. About the birthday party. They're only 2. Lavish birthday parties or just simple ones, the kidlets aren't going to remember any of it. Make a luscious cake, put a sign up, make their favorite food for dinner, get a few balloons and take lots of pictures. Don't invite a ton of people, just your immediate family and grandparents if available. Make it easy on yourself. What ever you do they will love it!

  17. Here's a shoulder, go ahead a rest it here a minute. ;)

    When my twins turned 2 it was pretty hideous. A friend was supposed to make these amazing cakes for their birthday party, and somehow, with about 1 hour until 40 people showed up @ my house, my mom came to the rescue with 2 Sams club cakes. Totally not my idea of a good cake, but guess what? The kids didn't even know the difference.

    Deep breath, this too shall pass....somehow. ;)

  18. Luckily, they are only turning two and have no idea what to expect. If they have a cake and an enthusiastic set of parents they will be happy. This also provides you a chance to do something a little different on their birthday. Something they already love or something you think they will love.

    Sometimes I feel the way you do right now. I think the stress you are feeling right now plays a big part in it. Plus, you have little kids, and that takes about a metric ton of energy every day. On top of everything else you do. Maybe you can take the weekend as a 'time to smell the roses' and do simple things you find magical. For me it can be laying on the ground watching the clouds. Or sitting on a swing on the porch and just talking. Taking a walk. The simplest things are what bring me back home.

    The rest will work out. There is no alternative.

  19. Feeling the funk is no fun! I am new here but I wanted to let you know that you are not alone in the funk department. Don't be so hard on yourself, about the bday party thing. Mine is 2 1/2 I barely remember what we did but it was something like, make some cupcakes, eat spaghetti for dinner (his fave) and sing Happy Birthday after dinner with my all boy crew! It was fun and of course we took pictures. Sweet & Simple. I don't even remember a gift! Oh well...

    I try to do some sort of exercise when I am feeling down in the dumps. It helps alot! The hard part is actually getting out of the house to do the exercise though, so maybe just a dance a thon to super loud music with your kiddos will brighten your day! Hope something will soothe your mood! Smile Always!


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