Friday, February 20, 2009

I must have been tired since I gave this no title.

I'm sitting here...... (what? you thought I blogged standing up? Maybe while doing some sit ups?)


Not me. Just sitting. Wondering what to write. There are so many different topics, ramblings, rants, happydayalliswells running through my head, but the buzzing won't stay still long enough for me to catch one of those little boogers and make it

sit. stay. good blog.


So guess what? I am alone right now. (Doesn't that sound like the beginning of murdermysterykillerstalkerthriller?) But no, really, I am alone.

Until Sunday.

It's been all of, I don't know, three hours. I had it all planned out. Bath, pedicure, a night of net surfing, actually whatever I want. But know what it is?

Lonely. Quiet. (my playlist keeps playing the dumbest songs) Messy. And the lamest part of all....I'm tired. Like ready to go to bed and fall asleep for a week tired.

But you know why I stayed home instead of going with the boys up to visit the in laws? No, it's not because it's my in laws, they're pretty great. It's because I have to clean. Uninterrupted. And do about a million loads of laundry. Starting tomorrow. I was giving myself tonight to veg. But I'm tired. And if I go to bed it will be tommorrow. And I have to clean tommorrow. Really truly. No putting it off any longer. So I don't want to go to bed.

So I'm going to go chat on Twitter instead.

But if you see me online tomorrow before 2 you tell me to get right off and get back to the mess!


  1. I so know what ya mean! Oh and I've been sticking my head in the sand lately so I haven't been around to comment and say that LOVE is in the air and LOVE your blog. And LOVE that I'm not the only one who gets like this when I actually have time alone. I LOVE it, but I don't LOVE it. *chuckle* Is that enough bloggy air LOVE now? HEEHEE

    Seriously tho - many hugs and much love.... know what ya mean!

  2. I'm so there. That's why I'm here! But I've got to go there now - it's Saturday, the day we get ready for Sunday! I tell ya what, after working real hard over there today I will meet ya here tonight. We will deserve it! LOVE ya!

  3. I hate cleaning. Hate it. However, I love cleaning with an empty house! When there isn't a little lady following me around dragging out what I just picked up! I love that child, I do.
    When there isn't a 9 year old glued to the DS saying "Ma, just let me finish this game!". 30 minutes later...he's still finishing the same game. Enjoy your time, and reward yourself with a little computer time! :)

  4. That is interesting I was thinking about visiting you this weekend. Oh well. Hope you have some time for fun.

  5. Happy Climate, I wish you had, you could have helped me clean and we could have gone to church together! You can still come!

  6. Keep cleaning then you can rest tomorrow..

  7. I know you will LOVE twittering and will LOVE a good restful sleep when you stop twittering. I wish I could say that I LOVE cleaning house! LOL!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  8. Hopefully when you wake up tomorrow, you will feel refreshed and ready to go!! You will LOVE getting some extra rest!! Have fun twittering!

  9. By the way I think that you are so amazing my sister for making the kids leave, you must Love that. I hope it is alot of fun.

  10. I love to clean when the house is empty. Well, as much as anyone can really love cleaning. When I can get a couple of hours of having the house to myself, I crank up my music and the cleaning seems to go by much faster.

  11. I love that you set your goal and will try to follow it!! My goal of getting the house clean is Springtime,not so good:)
    I am still loving your fun blog!!

  12. With all you need a couple DAYS of veg time!
    I remember those days..having them to myself to do the seasonal cleaning or just a couple days to get it done. It was fun, then they came home and everything seemed to be a mess again within 24 hours!! LOL! Funny how quick the laundry piles up and the finger prints get all over the windows, etc.
    Maybe next time you should try to get it all cleaned FIRST, to be able to enjoy it for a day and get your "ME" day in after getting all grimey from working so hard. Then you can feel all relaxed and be-uuuu-ta-ful with your nails all manicured and painted (if you paint them..I never do..just manicure them) and all scrubbed from using your favorite sugar scrubs, and the get your pedicure and hair all done. Then you won't be all rushing around getting things done and ruining your "zen" when the troops come home. can then change your play list and get some great feelings from listening to some other favorite tunes. Nothing like listening and creating a new playlist. I have to update mine too. Think I will at least change it around!
    Have a great weekend. Now mine is about over. Next weekend we get to see Mase compete down in Seatlle so we will be going down to see him and watch. Tried to clean and do some gardening this go. I hate it when plans don't happen like you want them too.
    I hope yours does!

  13. I like to be a lone but I love my family to. I bet you loved having some great catch up sleep time anyways!!


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