Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If you're not a mommy you might want to turn around now...

Okay, I am going to warn you, this is a...well.....kind of sensitive subject. If you are one of those that leaves the room when mommies start talking about nursing and babies and such you'll want to leave now. I realize that maybe I shouldn't be sharing this but it's so funny I just have to.

Okay, having said that......
Today I didn't get a shower before the kids woke up so I hurried and jumped in when the kids were enjoying (mesmerized by) A Bug's Life. I took one of my speed showers and then just as I was wrapping the towel around me after getting out my four year old, Roo, walks into the bathroom. (I'll admit it, this isn't the first time he's seen me but I do try to stay modest around my kids)

Then he asks: "Do you have milk in those things?" I'll leave it up to you to decode the word "things." I didn't exactly want to encourage this conversation but I also want to be honest so I just told him

But that wasn't the end of it....

"Then why are they so big?"

"Well, that's just how Mommy's are."

"But mine are small."

"Yes, you're a boy."

"But we both have these." (and he proceeds to point to his "raisins" and then asks me to show him mine again to which I said no)

Then he says: "Can you put milk in there?"


"Why not?"

"Because mommies bodies make milk on their own when they're going to have a baby."

"I want you to have a baby. I want a girl baby that doesn't talk."

"Okay, we'll see sweetie. "

And with that he was content to give me his little smug smile and I'm the coolest walk back to his room to play.

Only four years old and we're already having "the talk." I was laughing so hard after he strutted away. So what do you think? Did I give him too much info or not enough?


  1. Okay, I am TOTALLY cracking up because of his "one that doesn't talk" request.... but I think you handled this beautifully. Great job. I'd have said almost the same thing to my son - and I have had very similar talks with my daughter.

    The other fun one is when you're in a busy public restroom and you bring them into the stall with you - but you have to ahhhh, replace used hygiene products. Oy. ;-)

  2. Lol, thats cute! I've had "the Talk" with my four year old! Im nursing now and wow, my daughter sure has lots of questions! Then proceeds to tell my sister in law everything I told her! She also likes to "nurse" her baby dols, in public!! Too funny - I want a baby sister that doesn't talk!!!

  3. That was adorable. I think you handled it beautifully too.

  4. I'm the kind of person who comes in closer to hear stories about nursing and babies - and that is one hysterical story. I've had similar discussions with my daughter, who is 5 now. But I think it's easier with girls. I think you handled it perfectly - you gave him answers, but no specifics. Well played.

  5. I think you handled it well :)

    I also liked the comment about having a baby girl that doesn't talk. Kids says the darndest things!

  6. i think you handled things really well... I'm sorry for laughing.

  7. Very fun, I love kids and how totally innocent and real they are. I think you have done an awesome job. I wish more kids grew up in homes where parents actually talk to them. Thanks for the great laugh.

  8. That is so funny. I think you gave him the right amount of info. As long as they are satisfied and you don't have to go into too much detail your good. Very funny.


  9. You rock mom..and I am sure he thinks so too!

  10. You handled it very well. I find it very encouraging that many children today are growing up with a different view of BF than I did. Letting him see breasts for their natural function instead of only sexual objects is wonderful and will help him be even more supporting of his wife someday.

    Thanks for entering our giveaway at Chic Critique. Good luck!!

  11. He is hilarious! Yep, one of those situations that you hope they don't go telling all their friends about . . . :)

  12. The funniest part is that he wants a girl baby that doesn't talk. They may not talk at first, but boy do they make up for lost time when they do start to talk! LOL


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