Sunday, January 4, 2009

7 things....

I've been tagged by Blueviolet at A Nut in a Nutshell. Actually, it was forever ago but I'm finally getting around to it. So here's the dealio. I am supposed to say seven random things about me and then I tag seven people ( I think) so here goes: (actually just a second, it suddenly got really too awfully quiet so I better go see what my kiddos are up to)...okay, all okay so here goes again:

1. I hate wearing shoes and kick them off at the first opportunity. Sometimes I even do it without realizing I did it...for example I go to get the groceries after bringing the kids in and realize my shoes are already off....grr.

2. I haven't made any New Years resolutions but I have started this year off bad because I've missed my first day of church in the new year because of a tummy ache. And yet here I am on the computer. tsk tsk

3. I quite often don't answer my phone because I just don't feel like talking. (and even more often because I can't find it or I'm right in the middle of a particularly exciting diaper changing) It's honestly faster to email me.

4. I was married at the age of 19. (Stole that one from Blueviolet even though it's true)

5. I will quite often sing to my family instead of talk, you know, like a homemade opera. Best thing is, they all join in.

6. I hate cooking, I try not to but I really really do.

7. I keep feeling like I'm supposed to have another baby but I refuse to explore that feeling because 5 kids seems like way too many kids, and because I'm afraid I'll have twins again like my friend who lives here. She had two boys and then two sets of twins. She's a wondermom (we've all met those, right?) and I am not!

Okay, enough! That seemed more like true confessions and I am done talking about me. Here are the people I tag:

Jennifer at My Life with Four Kids. ( By the way Happy Birthday today Jennifer!)

Natalie K at Adventures in Missing the Point. (She's the one who sent me a stocking full of goodies that I love love love!)

Emily at Stamp time Somewhere. (The one who got me started in blogging and one of my best friends)

Angela at Adventures in Self Reliance. (Another wondermom and real life friend)

Shelly at Simply Happy. (My incredibly talented sister)

Holly at Cute Carbines. (My cute SIL)

and last but not least

Jane at What about Mom. (She is by far my newest favorite blogger. She is an amazing writer)

Go check them all out! I am off to bed now that hubby is home from church. See you all later and don't forget to enter my book giveaway.


  1. I hate shoes too!! I'd much rather be barefooted!! I'll try to get to my tag soon!! Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

  2. Hurray for more kids but just one request can you wait until I can have kids, pretty please with a cherry on top. :)

  3. Okay, I did it. Tougher I thought--I think I do better just answering questions than having to come up with something on my own . . .

  4. I take off my bra like that. I mean, without even noticing. But only when I'm home, which is fine, as long as we don't have company or anything.

  5. Awe well 6 is always a good number too!


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