Saturday, September 20, 2008

Singing? What's that?

I am a music nerd. No, I didn't major in music in college like my husband or brother but I am a big time NERD all the same. From an age I can't even remember I've been involved with music. With my family, in church, at school, etc. I was in band from grades 4-10 and then in choir from grades 9-12. Even though I always enjoyed singing better, (except for marching band, I loved marching band) I am so glad that I took more years of band. From a young age I learned to harmonize but band helped me learn how to actually read those black things on the page. And it also helped me recognize when I was flat or sharp.
Well, my point of all this is that I love to sing! I've sang in a multitude of choirs in church and choir but in the past year or so have had the opportunity to lead choir in church. And I'll admit it, I stink! I would much rather sing. But in the last...well...what seems like forever, I have had almost no opportunities to sing. I can't sing in the ward choir because I'm the director, I can't sing in the stake choir because my hubby is the Asst. choir director and we can't get babysitters on Sunday for me to sing too and there are no other choirs around. (My secret dream is to sing as the soloist for a jazz band)
Well, for the first time in forever I've been asked to sing a soloin church tomorrow. But I am ridiculously nervous! I teach lessons a few times a week and I was doing everything wrong! And on top of that I can't decide what song to sing. I can't decide between I Stand All Amazed, arranged by Jay Richards or Peace by Guy and Barry Gibbons. I love both songs in different ways but Peace is easier so I don't know which route I want to go. But all in all, it's fun to be able to sing again. Wish me luck tomorrow. ;)


  1. I am sure you did great. If I was there I would help you out with your kids on SUnday so you could sing.

  2. Hope it went well! I was in the choir in middle school and loved it! I'm an alto.

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