Monday, September 15, 2008

The most awesome giveaway ever and my new favorite blog!!

Do you want to win the coolest thing ever??! Too bad because I am determined to win this one myself. My friend Em pointed me towards the cutest website called Vanilla Joy where Kelsey is giving away a Minibox by the Original Scrapbox. You have to go check it out to see how cool this really is. You can even watch a video to see how it works! It would honestly solve ALL of my scrapbook/stamping organizational needs. And if any of you have been to my house you know what my scrap table looks like! I was going to post a picture of it but my camera is out of commission. WAAAA! Anyway, I have twin 17 month old boys and they are INTO EVERYTHING! So I have gradually had to put everything up on my table out of drawers and out of their reach until I have nowhere to actually create anything!! I could easily put a child lock on the handles to keep them out. YAHOO!! So wish me it bad to pray to win something?? ;) Good luck to you too!

Also, after reading about this giveaway I continued to peruse Vanilla Joy and found a million things I was interested in!! Here were a few of my favorites:
A Picture is worth a thousand words
Book Talk: The Host by Stephenie Meyer
Words of Wisdom

I also found other subjects I was interested in like children's face painting and family fun activities.

Watch my blogs for more great posts from Vanilla joy!!

Vanilla Joy is most definitely a blog I will be reading constantly!

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