Sunday, May 11, 2008

Let's get this Summer started!!

I am so excited for summer! We have some fun stuff planned for this summer and I'm really hoping to be spending a lot more time outside and a lot less time inside with my booty stuck to this chair. My hubby has two more weeks of school and then our summer is officially off! We have a trip to Cali planned the beginning of June to see my brother's art show. (Yes, the same brother I posted about in my last post), then in July we have some a family reunion and a trip up North with just my hubby and me. (Oh, and all the high school band students too. ;) It's going to be fun! 3 Peas in a Pod is also getting ready for summer with tons of great giveaways. I didn't win any of the Mother's Day giveaways but I'll try my hand at some of these. You should definitely check it out! The prizes that really jumped out at me were

Little Shop of Baubles

Ga-Ga Baby Boutique

See My Designs by Shauna

Chesapeake Ribbons

Come join in the fun!!

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  1. Oh I know...I did not win any of the Mother's Day goodies either. Here is hoping great things for you!!


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