Saturday, May 3, 2008

I love books and Mother's Day Giveaway!

If any of you have noticed, the subtitle for this blog is "the things I do for fun". And the words in my blog represent most of those things except for one. My love of all things books and reading!! I just stumbled across a giveaway for Mothers Day this week where abookworm is giving away books, books and more books!!!! What could be better? I have included a link and if you decide to go check it out and leave a comment make sure you say that you heard about it from me!! That way I have a better chance of getting free books. Also coming soon are some book reviews which is another way that I'll be getting free books so keep an eye out!!
A Book Blogger’s Diary
There is another giveaway with some sweet gifts for Mothers that you can find here and it is by the same awesome blogger as the book giveaway so if you go check it out make sure you leave my name and blog in your comment! Thanks!

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