Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Giveaway..Blog Candy...giving back

Scroll down to see what I'm giving away!!

I want to tell a little story. I have always been unlucky. I never win anything. My husband always thought I was silly when I said this until one day...... It was his first Christmas work par
ty and we all put our name in this basket for prizes. Well, they started drawing names and I mentioned that I never win anything. But then they just kept drawing and drawing and we realized that they had something for everyone. Well... guess who's name was drawn VERY LAST? You got it! Mine! So I knew then that it was true..I would never win anything unless everyone won something, and then it would be the lamest gift left.

Until NOW! I recently got hooked on blog giveaways and I've actually won a few things! It started just a couple of months ago when I first heard about giveaways. Here is what I've won so far:

First I won a mini scrapbook kit on Stampin Mama's blog. I didn't really count this though because it was a girly kit and I have all boys and I also won it by telling the story of my friend who had just had her baby in the canyon during a snow storm so I gave it to her.

Second, I won $40 worth of products from Good Thoughts Paper Co. from Bloggy Giveaways, which I love!

Then, Bloggy Giveaways had a Blog Giveaway Carnival where there were literally more than 800 giveaways. It was totally insane! From that I won a t-shirt from PKMU, some Laundry Tree soap nuts from Laundry Tree and an external hard drive from the Inside Fatherhood blog. (Although I have yet to receive it from the company, but I hope I will!) That carnival definitely got me hooked, I couldn't believe I was actually winning stuff!

Since then, I've won two more giveaways, and one contest! I almost can't even believe it. Granted, it wasn't the pink laptop that I was dying to have, or the printer/scanner I really needed, but free stuff is FREE STUFF! Am I right or am I right?

So next I won some adorable little shoes from the Hip Mama's Place blog that were from SeeKaiRun.

Then, I actually won a photo contest at Happy Panda Baby and won $40 worth of free products.
But that wasn't luck, my babies were just too cute!

And finally, just a couple of days ago I won the Sweet Melissa Baking Book at A Book Blogger's Diary!

So...... on to why you are probably sitting here reading this......I want to share the fun and make someone else happy! Here is what I want to give away:

One winner will receive:

A Mary Kay Mother's Day gift pack: The set includes Mary Kay® 2-In-1 Body Wash & Shave, Hydrating Lotion and netted sponge in a pretty mesh bag. ($28)

A book called "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom (The extraordinary adventure of one courageous woman who became a militant heroine of the anti-Nazi underground) ($6.99)

and... A candy bar of your choice!!
(Approx. $2)

Here's how you win it!!
  • Leave me a comment telling me something interesting about you. (And please put a little thought into it since I'm not making you surf anywhere)
  • Make sure you leave a way for me to let you know you're the winner.
  • Winner will probably be drawn randomly... unless I change my mind. ;)
  • Open only to the upper US! Sorry.
  • Giveaway ends Wednesday, May 21 at midnight Mountain Standard time. Winner announced Thursday, May 22.

By the way, I might have another giveaway just for the people that come back after this giveaway is over and leave a comment on some of my other posts. So if you remember, come on back!
I can't wait to hear from you!!


  1. Hi!
    Your contest is simple and interesting. I have blogged about it on my contest blog ContestHub.net
    Please inform me about your further contests to let more people know about them. Feel free to submit them here - it is free.
    Here is the link to my blog post.
    Cheers, Contest Hub.

  2. What a great giveaway! Now onto something interesting about me...duh...this is hard. I am really quite boring. I have a BS degree in English and Masters degree in Counseling but am still attending college. I just like learning--I know, what a nerd! I love flowers, antiques, and murder mysteries. I am truly blessed by all the people around me and enjoy life.

  3. Something interesting, about me?? Let me see....I am a Navy wife (14 years) and mother of 2 great kids. I love to read, especially historical fiction books.
    Also I love Mary Kay makeup and lotions :)

  4. I have a habit of adopting three legged animals from rescues. I have a matching pair (one dog and cat) that are both tuxedo colored and missing their right left leg!


    kellyhensley(a)gmail . com

  5. I'm pregnant and on bed rest....I'd love to win this!!

  6. I am a lawyer who gave up her career to stay home with her two beautiful, fun, comical, sweet, adorable, energetic kids!!

  7. about me: vegetarian, once my appendix exploded and I can wiggle my ears and touch my tongue to my nose. gomeggo@gmail.com

  8. I'm a stay at home mom and have two kids. I write poetry and love going to yard sales. I love antiques and recently started a blog.


  9. Hmmm - something interesting about me. Well, I'm a bassoonist who had spent far too long without a bassoon and then Yo Yo Ma told me to get one so I did (it's the truth, he told me to, in person). :)

    And, I'm a 27 year old jewelry maker who LOVES craft shows and hopes to be a part of the movement that brings the cool craft shows to the old person craft show region that I live in. It's quite the task, but I've taken it on.

    And one more, I sold Mary Kay in college and MISS those products. I've love to win this :)

  10. UM...I don't know what to tell you that you don't already know. I am a far too busy mother who loves simple things. I love to scrapbook and make cards...WITH MY FRIENDS!

    Great giveaway.

  11. Well, I'm a 25 year old, 15 week pregnant for the first time lady :) I'm married to my college honey (and my only boyfriend) and we live in Iowa with our dog. I love Mary Kay and chocolate AND reading so this is just my kind of giveaway :) Thanks!

  12. Well, I write everything inthe air with my finger. I don't know if it's mild OCD or what. But eveything I am thinking, I write in the air with my finger. Weird, huh? Now I feel like a dork. lol. Anyway, thanks for the opportunity.


  13. I have won a few things too, I won hairbows from the bloggy carnival and tonight I won a minibow holder!! An interesting fact about me in that as a child my room was below sea level (we lived on an island and our backyard was/is a levee)

  14. yummy giveaway and Congratulations! Winning *stuff* is so different than buying. I keep telling hubby I need a new purse. "We'll buy one", he says. "No, I have to WIN the purse", I say. He doesn't understand.

    Ya wanna talk about me? Shortly after college, before I became a mom, I was a moonie in the Unification Church. I don't tell just anyone that so feel special, sweetie!

  15. Congrats on all your wins! I am a contest junkie as well! It feels so good to open your email and see...YOU WON!

    I am not very interesting. I am a mom of 3 who homeschools. Come visit my blogs!

  16. Hmmm. Something interesting about me??? I lead a pretty mundane life, so I am not sure what things others might consider interesting and which ones are just plain eccentric. I'll list a few and you can decide. Let's see...I was raised on a farm in Saskatchewan, I have never held a driver's license and could have for many many years now, I have Coke and chocolate first thing nearly every morning, and I have seven identical navy blue polo shirts in my closet, which I wear pretty much every day,by choice, not because it is some kind of official uniform or anything like that.

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway. I love Mary Kay products.

    michelle at northofthe49 dot com

  17. as a recent stay at home mom of a homebound 12 yr old girl in the throes of puberty...this giveaway is awesome! I too have entered the bloggy giveaway craze recently...fun meeting cool people and getting free stuff!

  18. This is a wonderful giveaway. I like to collect antiques. Especially tools that have to do with homemaking, like old irons and kitchenware.

  19. great combo for a giveaway -- like a mini vacation!!

  20. Hmmm..... Something interesting. Well I was accosted by a woman in Red Lobster the other day for putting my two year old in time out as she considers time out to be abusive!!!!! Who knew 60 year old women were into "gentle discipline".

  21. This is such a great contest! some thing interesting about me... I Love
    being creative and scrapbooking is my favorite outlet for that.Amazingly after having my first child and going through 3 surgeries and having doctors tell me I could'nt have any more babies... Last summer I had our second little guy and just found out that we are expecting our third child. They are such blessings. Thanks for the fun contest!

  22. Something interesting...hmm...I told the kids they could get a dog, so they picked out a cute little white german mut thing figuring it would be about 40-50lbs...It is 8 months and well over 50. The vet is guess he's going to be at least 120. At least he is a sweet dog!!

  23. What a great giveaway!

    Something interesting . . . I raise geckos!

  24. This is such an awesome contest.

    I am not that interesting really. Even though I lived in RI all my life, Everyone says that I have an English accent. Its from a speech problem I had when i was younger, which my son we think acquired. I love to read and watch vampire things.


  25. Great contest, and great blog!

    Well, Ruth and I might be the same person ;)

    I am the wife of a retired US Navy veteran, have 2 kids, and also love historical fiction!

    On top of that I am a licensed Architect, have a black belt in Kenpo Karate and generally talk too much.

    I'm known among my friends as a cross between Lucy from Peanuts and Monica from Friends. Yeah, it's pretty accurate....


  26. Something interesting about me...hmm. I'm a stay-at-home mom who has a Masters in Library Science, I actually like to eat Chef Boyardee products, and I was born in the Netherlands. Uh, maybe a bit more weird than interesting!

  27. I like making things, but then have nothing to do with them. My poor family ends up with a lot of home made presents!

  28. Great contest!
    About me...I am a stay at home mom...I became that when I left my successful careeer at a non-profit when I discovered I was preganant with my second "surprise" child. I have a 15 yr. old and a 3yr. old and I am enjoying being a parent the second time around!

  29. Hello, wow you have changed your luck with all those recent blog contests. I have won 2 things in the last year, a cute poncho for my daughter and I just won momager cards (mom business like cards) with that blog giveaway carnival. I have 3 kids ages 5, 3 &1 and am pregnant with baby #4. I write a blog with my husband about our family and other fun stuff. We had a bunch of contests ourselves this winter but life has been too hectic so we haven't done any recently.

  30. Sweet giveaway. Something interesting about me is I have way too many hobbies- sewing, scrapbooking, reading classics, writing, gardening, crafts, organizing, and a million others. It really frustrates me that I can't do all of it because I love to take care of my girls and play with them more than my hobbies, but I still want to get a lot done.

  31. I have become a blog contest junkie too! Something about me - when I was about 12 years old, this was my favorite book ever, I read it over and over. Now noone seems to remember it - glad you do!

  32. Thanks for a great giveaway. Something interesting about me: Last month I came within 3 days of having 3 kids under the age of two.

  33. Hello,
    I love blog contests! They're pretty neat and I'm nosy, so I like this one because you get to learn things about people. Oh, I guess I have to spill a little about myself, too. Hmm..ok, got something: I have a photographic memory.
    jenni_aja at hotmail dot com

  34. Great giveaway thanks. I'm a working mother of 2 under the age of 3. I love spending time with them, they keep me young.
    vickers at comcast dot net

  35. I've been married to my sweet husband 8 years today! :0)
    Thanks for the contest...

  36. Greetings, Congratulations on your wins! Way to go. I love to sing and my dream was to be a Broadway star!
    Please enter me in your delightful giveaway. Thanks,Cindi

  37. Fun! I LOVE Mary Kay products. About me: I am a married mom with 2 kids ages 3 and 1. I have a Master's Degree in Public health Nutrition. I love to read, play the harp, and lately I've been sewing a lot! Thanks!

  38. I'm the mom to a former 28 weeker preemie who weighed 1 lb and 5.8 oz at birth, i'm the proudest mommy of a true miracle

  39. Great giveaway!
    Something fun about me...I just returned from 4 days in Vegas with my Hubby to celebrate 6 yrs of marriage! yay!!!
    Visit my blog to learn more interesting things about us...we are the ultimate brady bunch :)

    thanks for a great giveaway! hope I win!

  40. Lets see... I'm a young mom in Austin, I have 1 toddler daughter and I have dreds! I guess thats interesting, right? Great giveaway, thanks! hellomary018 at yahoo dot com

  41. OH my word...we could be twins, seriously! My favorite comment all the time was "I never win anything!" I'm always so afraid I passed my bad luck onto my girls. Then I, too, started entering giveaways! Last fall, I did the bloogy giveaway carnival. Filled out like 300 or so comments (DID NOT WIN A THING!) My husband laughed at me (not nice, I know). I persevered! I did the spring one a few weeks ago, and I actually won a few things (i got the laundry soaps, too!) But I'm with you, I'm hooked now, too. And I win often enough that it makes it worthwhile! I keep getting free things in the mail, and now I just smile and laugh at my hubby!!! Thanks for offering this!

  42. So congrats on your new found luck!! You go girl! I love blog contests too. They are a bit addicting :) Here's my interesting fact: I am a mom 3 ways. I married a man with a little girl (who is graduating from high school in 11 days!). I have one son by birth. He is 7 years old. Then on September 11, 2005, we found out about twin boys who needed a home. They became our own right before Christmas that year. They just turned 3.

  43. Something interesting...hmmm...my mom, dad, uncle, and sister in law all work at the same company and it's not a family company. That's kind of about me.

  44. What a nice giveaway, I too just recently got hooked on the blog giveaway site, now I am there a few times a day. I would love to be entered into your prize drawing.

    A little fact about myself. Well I love to write stories and little silly poems for my kids and I dream one day of having them published.

  45. Hmmm...sonething interesting about me...
    I just cut off about 12 inches of hair and Am having a REALLY hard time adjusting! LOL!
    Not interesting, but its whats on my mind constantly right now! LOL!
    dansan826 at yahoo.com

  46. I like to put cheese in my PB&Js. Is that interesting?


  47. Something interesting about me? I am obsessed with serial killers and read about them with ridiculous frequency.

  48. My great-grandmother was a Tahitian princess who married a missionary. It is a long time fantasy of mine to visit the Islands.

  49. Something interesting about me is I have kept a diary of every book I have head since I was 16. I am 46 now, and there are thousands of books in it. Grat contest by the way!

  50. My favorite thing to do in the world is scrapbooking but it's an actually an expensive hobby. Don't you think? I'm not a digital scrapbooker so the supplies add up quickly.

    An unusual and interesting thing about me is that on the day before my wedding my hubby to be and I went to the zoo and I was attacked by a bird. It swooped down out of nowhere and tried to grab a handful of my hair and take off with it. I think it got some because it really, really hurt. That was the weirdest thing but it's a memory and memories are fun after the fact.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. What a great giveaway - my favorite things all in one place :)

    Let's see, an interesting thing about me....I read really fast - even with 2 boys (under 2) I can still finish a good-sized book in 1-3 days!

  52. I hope Oregon counts as part of the upper US. :)

    Something interesting about me: I read "The Hiding Place" when I was 10. My grandmother gave it to me because our heritage is Dutch. I became totally fascinated with the history of World War II and eventually majored in political science in college, with a focus on Europe.

    I've also just started entering blog giveaways and look forward to winning my first contest. Maybe this one!


  53. I do love children - I had a daycare in my home for 20 years, and have such good memories. Right now I'm receiving graduation cards from them!

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  54. I collect African American dolls


  55. I am addicted to contests. I used to be addicted to refunding, then I switched over to contesting. I also love cats...I have three now, and had five at one point!

  56. Interesting... HHHMMMM.. This was my first mother's day... That's very interesting to ME... :) after 13 long hard years of trying my hubby and i are proud parents of 2 beautiful 6 month old girls.. yyiiipppeeee!! I don't know if it's interesting, but it sure is special to me..
    Thank you

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