Friday, May 23, 2008

And the winner of my Pampering package is.....

ME! Ha Ha, just kidding! First of all, I'm sorry that I'm posting the winner a day late. My life just took a turn for craziness. I LOVED reading everyone's comments though. There are some very interesting people out there. It was so fun seeing what I have in common with people and also seeing how unique and diverse we really are! You should go back and read the comments.

Anyway, on to the big news! I used because it was too hard to pick one. I had thought I might pick the one that was most interesting but it was too hard. Soooo...the number that the Random Generator picked was

2 (I was kind of surprised about this but that's what it picked! So I went down my comments and number 2 was Sandy)
Sandy said:
"What a great giveaway! Now onto something interesting about me...duh...this is hard. I am really quite boring. I have a BS degree in English and Masters degree in Counseling but am still attending college. I just like learning--I know, what a nerd! I love flowers, antiques, and murder mysteries. I am truly blessed by all the people around me and enjoy life."

I don't think Sandy is a nerd. I love school too and I'd still be in if I had the time or the money. I love Murder mysteries too! I will contact Sandy by email.

To everyone else: If anyone even looks here, remember that if you leave comments on any posts from now and in the future you may be entered into a special giveaway! I know my blog's not that exciting but I'd love to have you anyway! Well, that's it for now! Talk to you all later when I have the time!

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