Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Celtic Woman Winner!

Thanks to all who entered my contest!  As you can see, the winner of the Celtic Woman DVD and CD set is #6:

My husband loves their music! It would be fun to surprise him with a CD and DVD of theirs.

Congratulations Ashley!!


  1. Hey Sharla my friend just announced her third pregnancy/third set of twins, drug free! Just thought I would throw it out there for food for thought. I think the chances are pretty good for more twins in your life:) I would always take one of them off of your hands it you have another set...and Ethan too:)Love you guys!

  2. Enjoy The live performance of your favorite star. Buy discounted Celtic Woman tickets on all events that you like to attend. Detailed information of the events can be dig out from internet.

  3. Sharla I just saw your comment and now I see you live in UT- Eagle Mtn. That is crazy that we have the same name, 4 boys, etc. I say we will have to meet in real life :) send me an email...and thanks for the message! sharla from my little gems


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