Sunday, July 24, 2011

Anniversary Trip to the Twilight Zone Pt. 2

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I look out the curtain, but do not see a cop car. Okay, it's official. This girl is seriously freaked or crazy. Or both. We stay in there with her for about 20 more minutes, but we can't convince her to leave. It was now like 9:00 and we still hadn't eaten or done anything else we had planned, so we gather up all our stuff and tell her that we need to get out and that we'll drive around and look for her friend that's supposed to be coming. (Which is seriously looking doubtful.) Part of me is thinking that we'll just call the office of the motel, tell them she's in there and that we're checking out. But we drive around, don't see the guy matching the description, and so I call her at the motel to see if he has shown up. She says no and asks if we can go to his house and see if he's coming. We manage to find it and drive up to the ghetto white trash house of the year. This ornery girl is outside with a sneer on her face, so keeping the doors locked we roll down the window and ask if he's there. After interrogating us she goes and gets him.

The upstanding citizen comes out, and after explaining who we are he tells us that he came on his bike earlier, saw people "watching" at the motel, and came back home because it wasn't safe. He won't come with us to get her, and tells us that he'll be there in 20 minutes. So we go eat, then call her again and he's not there after yet another hour. We know, as we knew hours before, that he's not coming. We had been debating the entire time about whether she was trying to con us, especially since she happened to mention that $100 would get her to her dad's and fed. Yeah, we're not giving you money honey. So we decide that we'll buy her flip flops and either take her to a Womens' shelter or the police.

So we head back to the Motel but leave our stuff in the car just in case. We're in there for not even five minutes, have only had time to give her some flip-flops, when there's a BANG BANG BANG at the door. At that moment, more than any other, I literally felt like I was in a movie. This girl starts absolutely freaking out, crying and begging us to not open the door. Anybody that's ever seen a movie or TV show would know without a doubt that a knock like that was the police. Eldon and I look at each other, and say practically at the same time that there is no way we're not going to answer the door.

I was closer, sitting at the desk by the window, but I ask Eldon to get it. She flies out from behind the bed and tries to stop him from opening the door. And once again, BANG BANG BANG on the door. Eldon opens the door and sure enough, there stand two uniformed police officers and one plain clothes police officer. They ask if they can come in and we say yes, but they continue to stand there until one officer has to ask Eldon to move out from holding the door. Shame on him for holding the door! Okay, yeah, I get that they have to see that he's not holding a weapon.

Right away they approach her and ask if her if her name is________. (I can't remember exactly what they said and do want to keep her name private anyway.) She denies it very smoothly and gives them a false name. I move over by Eldon against the wall and we stand there watching as they ask her questions and she tells lie after lie. We know it, they know it. Seriously girl. I really think she was hoping that we'd pretend she was a pal of ours or something. After a couple of minutes one of the uniformed police men asks me if I can come outside and answer a few questions, which I readily agree to do.

Now, a little side note. This was my first time being "interviewed" by a policeman but in the past, the couple of times I have been pulled over, I completely freaked out. I started blabbering and acting like an idiot. And a very guilty one at that. (Although I still have never gotten a ticket.:) One thing I realized looking back on this experience was that I was able to stay very calm. I know the spirit was with me, keeping me calm so that I could be articulate and concise. It was awesome and I am so grateful for that.

Anyway, I explain to him our situation, he asks a few questions and then goes back inside. It was funny because I really thought he was going to question Eldon to see if our stories matched, but it turns out they weren't worried. Yeah, I guess I have read too many books and seen too many movies. I never told them her name, but I still felt like a snitch because as soon as they walked back in they told her to stand up and checked her for weapons. She was crying and begging them to not put her in jail, which they assure her they won't do. Shortly after they took her outside, apologized to us for disturbing our weekend, and told us she wouldn't be bothering us again.

When the door shuts the craziness of the night hits us. We turn on the TV to drown out the voices outside our door and then notice that the show on TV is Cops. And suddenly we can't stop laughing. Nothing like that has every happened to us, and I hope it never will again, but it really made me realize how grateful I am for my life, and that the problems that I face are really so insignificant.

So thank you random girl. And good luck. You helped us realize that love and life is so sweet. I hope you can find the peace and joy that I have found.


  1. I think that really is the most insane anniversary story I've ever heard. happy Belated Anniversary!

  2. Crazy story and weekend.. You are nice.. I would probably just called the police and left them take it..

  3. Oh my word. Seriously crazy! lol And you two are SO unbelievably nice. There is no way I would have even considered doing any of that. Good luck topping this one next year. ;)

  4. Well I guess it's an anniversary you'll always remember? ;)
    Can't believe that happened. Wow...I'd be so flippin scared.

  5. Wow, you guys made quite a memory on your anniversary trip LOL

  6. omgoodness girl,you and your man really went out of your way to be kind and helpful.beautiful spirit!! :)

  7. Crazy is right! What a night!


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