Saturday, September 4, 2010

Time keeps on slippin'

My life lately is a juggling act, and I'm finding that I don't nearly have enough time for everything.  

And most especially I don't have time for this killer cold that has kept me pretty down and out for a week now. 

But other than that, life is pretty good.  

My two older boys started school a week and a half ago.  So far they seem to like their teachers and their classes.  Ebug already earned enough "cash" to get to eat lunch with his favorite teacher. (Me, or course :)

Aren't they cuties? 

I love this candid shot of Roo's teacher looking at him. 

A couple of weeks ago I started my new job.  Here are a few highlights:

The principal and the staff are awesome.

The "Hello Mrs. Carbine's" in the hall still make me teary eyed. 

I love those kids.

I love teaching.

I love hearing those innocent voices sing. 

I. Love. My. Job.

Seriously, it is my dream job come true.  So far, anyway. 

I love my classroom:

It's not much, and it's simple.  But I get an excited little flip everytime I walk in there and realize it is my very own classroom.

So, life is good.  Now I just need to get better and then find the time for dishes, laundry, and potty training the twins. 

Piece of cake, right?

I miss all of you, leave a comment telling me what's up in your life. 


  1. Missing you terribly. We need to talk! Mark had an interview with Yahoo in San Jose on Friday and is onto the next round next Wed. who knows where this will go but it is awesome he is getting interview at least.

    I am not going to school on campus this term, I am taking online classes so I am home which is making me very happy.

    With life as crazy as it is you just need to make sure that kid time comes before cleaning time. The rest will be there, the kids grow up too fast, trust me, I know. ;o)

  2. Sorry, I should clarify, Mark had a phone interview with Yahoo who is located in San Jose. Next interview is a phone interview as well.

  3. I miss you!!! DO U still have FB ?? I think Your classroom is SOOO cute yay!!! Glad Life is good! We miss u in the ward ! Email me sometime!!!!! HUGS!

  4. It was a pleasure meeting you. I look forward to getting to know you (and your blog) better. :)


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