Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Craving that chaos

This last week has been chaotic, to the max.  

I honestly am too tired to even write about it, if you want to know a bit more you can read about it on my sister's blog HERE. (and you could leave her a little comment love ;)

The short story is that moving has been insane, we can't really settle in because this house isn't really ready yet, and I am so dang tired and sore all I want to do is sleep. 

Oh, and they had cats, so I've had miserable allergies too. 

My brother and his wife (who live 3 hours away and have 4 kids of their own) called last week and offered to take our four critters for a week while we move. 

Can we say Godsend?

I honest to goodness do not know how we would have done it without them. 

And taking care of 7 boys and 1 girl (especially when that includes my twins) is no easy task. 

But today, finally, they come home. 

They are crazy.  This I know. 

But oh how I miss this smile:

And oh, how I miss this silly little guy:

And how I miss these arms reaching for me, boogery face and all:

And my little helper, or should I say my sweet little ogre, even when it's not Halloween:

Oh, how I miss my little bugs.  At least until tomorrow, when I'll going nuts again I'm sure. 


  1. Aww. That was awfully nice of Emily to watch your kiddos. I heard about the move on Shelly's blog. I think I was the first comment! YAY!

    Can't way to see pics of your NEW place!

  2. Enjoy your reunion with your "critters!" I know moving is a pain but just think how awesome it will be to be settled!

  3. I missed those cute boys too. Good to have a break so we can appreciate them. :)


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