Monday, March 1, 2010

I have a confession to make

I'm ashamed to admit this. 

It's incredibly embarrassing.

But against my better judgment, I watched this season of The Bachelor. 

Yes, I watch that show where they encourage cheating, and where the people never ever stop drinking, and where people pretend to be there to find love when they're really just there to get seen on TV.  And where everyone is usually scantily clad and completely immodest in both dress and behavior. I won't let my kids be in the same room with me when I watch it. It's embarrassing to admit, I know.

The few times I've watched it they always always always pick the wrong person.  But it never surprises me because they usually all seem so dumb to me.  I mean seriously, who goes on that show thinking that they will really find true love?  How can any girl or guy stay with someone who is making out with other people at the same time, or worse?

But this season was by far the worst.  For once, there was a girl that actually seemed like a genuinely good person.  

And of course, he picked the hoochie immature girl with the fake boobs that he likes rubbing mud all over.  Big shocker!  He doesn't pick the girl who will make a great wife and mother and stand the test of time....he picks the girl that he will have hot sex with for a bit until he sees the true girl.  

Now I'll be honest, I even tried to give Vienna the benefit of the doubt.  But that girl has fake written all over her from what she says to the fake breasts and fake blonde hair.  

So why do I care?  Jake didn't deserve the nice girl anyway, Tenley was definitely too good for him, and he as much as admits to that when he tells her goodbye.

But it still makes me sad.  I want to see a happy ending.  I don't want to see the good girl get her heart broken. 

I believe in true love.

And I believe in forever. 

And I was lucky enough to get it and I want the same for everyone else. 

So really what it comes down to is that I really really need to stop watching the stupidest show of all time.  

Why do I torture myself by watching it?  I mean really, WHY?


  1. I thought they were all lame. Tenley was like a Disney princess. Nice, but boring.

  2. I watched a few seasons but seem to have no time for TV anymore,
    But you are right, He should pick a good wife. You see divorce all over it don't we.

  3. I know! Let's retire together from this show! It's too much for me! lol

  4. I didn't even watch the show.
    But I can how you can get sucked into it. I have before in the past. If anything, it gave you some good blog fodder to write about. :)

    If you are interested, I have giveaway up on my blog right now.
    Wanna win the movie Planet 51? (It's NOT out on DVD yet.)
    Come enter, if you DARE!
    Hope you got my email earlier.
    And enjoy the sunshine GIRL!

  5. I liked Vienna... Tinley was like a Disney character haha! Remember TV doesnt show the truth always.. and the media had their own way of making Vienna seem how they wanted.. they wanted to stir up drama.

  6. You must have a stronger stomach than I have. I think I watched bits of an episode the first season and I never watched it again.

  7. My lil sister graduated with Jake and he used to mow my neighbor's lawn. lol

  8. I agree. He definitely wanted that twitterpated spark. You never heard him talk about whether she might be a good mother. That bothered me, the thought of Vienna as a mother makes me think of throwing up. She is too selfish to be a good mother or wife, but yes my opinion is definitely based off of what the show presented which could be very biased. But what I do not understand is why would they want to make Vienna look bad ON the show, they want people to want to watch it, I am not going to lie, him picking Vienna made me want to watch it never again, if I had liked her more I might want to keep watching it, I think the show producers know that about people so why would they purposefully make her look bad. Hope that makes sense. Anyway, yeah I am with you, I am never watching that dumb show again, there is nothing natural about how they go about it, how can a relationship last based on that.

  9. Hey, I saw your comment on Motherboard's blog and thought I'd follow you back here. I like your user name. I'm pretty much a Momdork so it's good to see other people embracing that in themselves.

    I didn't watch The Bachelor (but I liked the theme song). Despite my utter lack of fashion sense, I am obsessed with Project Runway.

  10. My wife is great, but what makes her the best is that she HATES The Bachelor.


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