Monday, November 23, 2009

I thought 30 wasn't OLD!

So the other day I decided to part my hair on the other side. You know, for a change.

And I'm standing there in the sunlight chatting with my cousin and her husband when he suddenly and very abruptly asks....

"How old are you again?"

I had just had my birthday a couple days before and I wasn't quite sure where he was going with this but I told him and then asked him why.

And what did he say? Hmm?

That I have gray hairs!!! He said he could see at least 3 or 4.......per square inch.

So I smacked him.

When I got home I saw them. Seriously dude, my Mom didn't go gray for forever and even now she just has a little. What is up?!

Needless to say, I'm back to parting my hair on the other side.

Wonder how long that will work.


  1. probably for a while. as a hair dresser it is very common for one side to go gray waaay before the other

  2. I started seeing them a few years ago also, and I will be 38 next month, and still just a few here and there. Now more visible, but not too overwhelming. Don't worry. It means older people will give you respect.

  3. Well, those are the albino hairs, you know the ones that can't be in the sun all the time so they congregate on that side.

  4. Gray hair just means a wealth of experience. ;) I found my first one last summer, and my daughter reminds me of it on regular occasion (rolling my eyes). :)

  5. You are lucky! I found my first gray hairs at 22! Now at 31 I have enough that I have to color them.

  6. Those are signs of intelligence! The earlier they appear, the wiser you have become. :)
    Stopping by from SITS.

  7. Sooo funny and I blogged about this last month! It's traumatizing! Glad you smacked someone...

    Stopping by from SITS.


  8. I got my first gray hair when I was 18 and pregnant. No kidding! I've had a few here and there since.
    Gives you an excuse to try a new color? :)
    I would have smacked him too.

    Happy Thanksgiving if I don't talk to you before then!

  9. Good job for smacking him I would of.
    Just reading the other comments and you need to stop by for a sit too.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  10. Embrace the grays! They're sexy! (they are, right?)

  11. Oh no! Now I'm afraid to do something different with my hair! Lol. I keep spotting lighter hairs on my head (natural highlights, thank goodness), and am terrified that one of these times its going to be a gray. Yikes.


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