Sunday, September 6, 2009

On a roller coaster in funkville

To me, in my mind, you're there.

You, yes YOU, are actually reading this. I have no idea why, you probably don't even know me, most of those that do know me don't read this.

Here is the sad truth:

I read very few blogs. I just can't find the time, or don't find the time. I feel guilty about that.

My posts have been uninspired, boring, lifeless. They feel that way to me, so I can't imagine how they come off to you. I feel guilty about that.

I love doing reviews and giveaways. I love sharing with you products that I love. But it has become a chore so I find myself putting them off....and off....and off.... I feel guilty about that.

I miss you. I miss the daily comments in my inbox.

But, I'm tired of feeling guilty.

No, I'm not ready to quit yet. I like having a place to write, to get out feelings and emotions. I want to have a place to connect with other women out there. I want you to feel like you're visiting me in my living room with a glass of lemonade.

So, bear with me until I'm to that point again. I don't know if it will ever come back. But I hope some of you will be around when it does.


  1. sharla i will always read your blogs! You are so much fun! I wish we lived closer. If you ever find yourself in the southern half of the state call me and we can visit. You are awesome!!!!!!! I will be here always!

  2. I've quickly learned that blogging is a full time job, or it can be anyway! I always come and read your posts...I will do a better job at commenting so you won't feel lonely!

    When I feel the burnout, you have to come over and save me too! Deal?

  3. Sharla, you are too hard on yourself! You should blog for yourself, not for us! Blog if and when you feel like it. And we'll be here to listen when you do. You've had a busy past few months. And you're no longer in a sleepy town - I know how that goes. Go easy on yourself! You're a wonderful person and a great blogger!

  4. I'll be here when you are as well. :-) I have the same problem with my blog this year. Oy. I've just no urge - or passion - for it any more. We'll see if it ever comes back.

  5. Hang in there girl--you've got a lot going on. Love you and miss you guys!

  6. Not a problem. give it a rest if you need to.

  7. You're 'way ahead of me - I don't have a blog!

    Take what time and space you need for other things and blog when you want to. We'll enjoy it when you do!

    Take time for yourself - whether it is 20 minutes, 20 hours, 20 days or 20 months!

    All best wishes!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  8. Take your time! We all have times when our hearts just aren't in it. My own blog is impossibly far behind, mostly because I spend time reading others!

  9. Just a thought that's been rattling in my brain since I read your post a few minutes ago : Would it help if we - your readers - gave you some ideas about bloggy topics?

    I think one of the challenges of blogging would be to come up with new topics. That's why - I think - some blogs have certain topics on Mondays, others on all Tuesdays, etc.

    What if we came up with some ideas that you could consider blogging on?

    Sort of like Twenty (20) Questions, but for bloggy topics?

    Some to consider:
    (I don't think I can get up to 20 topics at the moment)

    - A favorite plant you enjoy growing

    - What's your favorite thing to eat and why?

    - Favorite color and why?

    - Most and least favorite chore at home

    - Best gift you've ever given or received

    - Favorite recipe to prepare and why

    - Something you learned from a relative

    - A favorite pet

    - If you could visit anywhere, you'd go ...

    - A profession you admire is --- because ...

    - A keepsake you remember from your childhood is ...

    - A famous person you've always admired is ...

    -A book you love is ...

    - If you could have one "super power" you'd choose ...

    - A country you enjoy learning about or visiting is ...

    - Something you'd like to learn how to do is ...

    Anyway, that's some food for thought. I am not sure if it might help, but I mentioned it just in case. I am sure your other regular readers could come up with many more topics too.

    All best wishes,

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  10. *hugs* I think we all feel that way sometimes I know different parts of my life get different amounts of attention- right now all are suffering because my blood is low again- but I also know I'll jump back in when I am up to it. I'm sure you will too. Just do what feels right and you'll find your rhythm again.

  11. Use this space for YOU! When there is something you want to document, and/or share, do so. Otherwise, never feel obligated! I love reading your blog, however I also know how time consuming it can be!

  12. I am suffering the same funk illness. Can't even write about my son, and you know how I can't shut up about that!

    Going on a trip, won prizes, recieved prizes, got pictures.

    Make a post...not unless it is short...very short! And those are usually contests from other sites.

    God bless Nancy for all her ideas. But, my body and mind won't/can't get to that point.

    Knowing someone is in the same funk, makes me feel better, like I am not the only one out there with this delema.

  13. You have been a great help to me (helping me add numbers to my comments and more). We all visit Funkville from time to time. Hang in there. It will get better.

  14. That is how I feel and I don't do most of what you do. I get tired of blogging but it is fun if I do it only when I want to.

  15. You should take as long as you need to get back to "normal" and then blog if and when you feel like it.

  16. I think all of us feel overwhelmed at times...and uninspired.

    But the blogosphere is a wonderful place to be. I hope your trip to "Funkville" is short - and that you end up in other "cities" soon - HopeTown, HappyCity, and Innovation, USA. :)


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