Thursday, May 21, 2009

RIP.......dear computer

You all know I've been a whiner lately. If you're tired of it and can't take another negative word please turn back now.

But don't say I didn't warn you.

My husband has been to 7 interviews and he has only heard back from those 2 I told you about a while ago.

So we still don't have a job or even a job offer. And we've been looking since March. computer died. Well, it will come alive for about a minute and then die again. So I guess it's not dead dead. Just useless. washing machine is still working. So hopefully I will be able to get all 50 loads of laundry scattered throughout the house done soon.

So I'm good.

But if my washer dies......

Oh why couldn't I have won that laptop? Why, oh why??


  1. I can sympathize with you on the job thing. It took my husband so long to find his last job.....and then he decided to quit it after 7 months and start his own company. So, we basically had little income for a year, then 7 months of income, and now we're going on 10 months with no income. It hurts, but there are worse things....Hang in there!

  2. I hear you about work. My husband didn't work last year, he's in gas pipeline construction and so far there isn't any work this year. I just keep praying and believing!

  3. Sorry to hear about work troubles hope he finds something soon. As for your computer from what you describe when was the last time it was cleaned?? You can clean it yourself. Open the side panel get a can of compressed air and blow blow blow. get the fan good, and get those little slot thingys good. DO it outside cause the dust is always insane. It should be done once a week. IT works for me. Best buy wanted to charge me $$$ to do that and change the plug if that didn't work. It did and over a yr later its still going. good luck

  4. Sucks to have computer problems! Happy Friday to you! Enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

  5. Oh man. I'm sorry your husband hasn't found a job yet. It is so hard these days. And I'm sorry your computer is out of commission.

  6. Been there,done that way too often. Definitely a hUGE bummer if the washer goes. Cross fingers, knock on wood.

  7. Let me know if your computer keeps acting up still, okay? I have an extra laptop. It is old, but it works.

  8. Know how you feel, my son has been out of work due to closing at Cavalier Trailors and my son-in-law is self employed in the pipeline business and nobody is buying trailors or building houses. My son-in-law has cut my grass so much the last two weeks it will be none-sxistant in two more.Just after I retired a few years ago in two weeks time my washer, dryer and stove(oven) all quit on me. I prayed HARD because I had no idea what I was going to do. I filled out my income tax and got a rapid refund of $1200 and went to Lowe's. All three were $989 and I had money left over. Ain't God Good. When we panic we are just defeating the purpose of living by faith. Don't give up, I whinned too.

  9. I am so sorry! I am sure their are brighter days ahead for youe!

  10. I'm really sorry your family is experiencing this. Hang in there, things will turn around. Take care :-)

  11. May God bless you with His infinite bounty!

  12. A bit of luck will come your way!
    Karma is a powerful thing :D

  13. know that people that read your blog are holding positive feelings...that's a lot of folks. and you are sending out good vibes. that combo should help. here's the trick to handle the combo: continue to work at finding jobs. remember it is a 2 way are interviewing them as well as they are you. you don't want "any job". you want the right fit so you both will be happy. that attitude alone will make you a better prospect. and look for pax (the benidictine word for peace). i read that pax is not a place where you go and worry no more. peace is the ability to worry without fear.

  14. The current situation sucks, but I know that in a few months you will have a computer and a job and look back and wonder what you were so stressed about. Since I recently had a testimony builder of the power of the priesthood, maybe both you and Eldon should seek a blessing. I know it helps...even if it doesn't find a job for you, it will comfort your heart and mind.

    Keep the faith. Things can only get better.


  15. Oh, I hear you! My screen is cracked, so it is stuck open in one position and can't move it or zap! Gone!
    I can only live right now with the computer. If I do anything, it is on the computer since being bed bound pretty much.
    I wish you would have won too and was praying so hard!! You gotta go and find more contests to enter like I am. I cannot afford one and even if I could, it would go to the kid in college that needs a new one more then I.
    Praying daily and I will try to send you contests I find for computers. hang in there!
    Now on the washer and Dryer...I have an extra set! Man, I so wish we were closer cause it is in perfect shape and condition, not even a scratch! I remember the days of the laundry being so much it would take up the whole laundry room and be spilling over into the hallway, and it was a 10x10 size room!
    Anyway, if I could get it to ya it is yours. Maybe someone we know is taking a road trip?


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