Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hmmm....what do you think?

Izzy still can't get out. Winnie though, he can. Just recently. Every time. Either crib.

So whenever I go to get them up in the morning or from their nap...

they're together.

Who knew they wanted to sleep together all this time?

I'm thinking maybe it's time for toddler beds. Not sure I'm ready though.

What do you think? When did you switch your kids over?

** Edited to say: The reason we are switching to toddler beds instead of twin beds is because we were given two toddler beds and we already have mattresses that fit them. Otherwise we would have to buy twins beds and mattresses which we can in no way afford right now. Otherwise I would go straight to the twin like I did with my first! ;)**


  1. My son is 20 months and he's had a toddler bed for a few months now...but he refuses to sleep in it instead he climbs in our bed every night.

  2. Oh I hear you! That's why I've been putting it off....I don't think we can manage two in our bed this time around!

  3. Those boys need a trampoline! That is hilarious!!!

  4. My oldest was 3 1/2 when I switched, the second was not even 2. (And the first one was a HECKUVA lot harder to switch.)

    Five words. Locks on the toy cabinet.

  5. I never saw much point in the toddler bed. We ususally just went to a twin. And yes, they would roll out of it a couple of times in their sleep until they got used to it.

    As for late night visits? That takes training. Which means more being up at night, but once they know you'll send them right back every time it's okay. Of course my youngest took a month to learn but....;0

    You could do just a twin mattress on the floor to start with - not so far to fall from.

  6. What a cute video.
    We just switched Morgan to a toddler bed a couple of months ago, (probably two months before he was 2 1/2). He could get out of his crib, but it was a lot more work. However, it's no problem at all getting out of his toddler bed. And if he thinks he hears mommy coming to check on him it's easy as pie to quickly jump back in bed to pretend he was there all the time. So he's out of it a lot more. And now he often just plays instead of taking a nap. I don't know if he just got to that stage naturally, or if the whole toddler bed thing sped things along or not. But he loves his bed. And I'm okay with that.

  7. They are so adorable and love seeing pictures of the two cuties!

    We kept or tried to keep Leah in a crib because she was a little explorer, a very quiet one. We had one of those convertable beds so she would pull out the drawers, and get down through pushing the drawer fronts out by sitting in the drawers and pushing with her feet. So, when we could not keep her in any more, we changed the bed into the toddler size, when she was just a little over one. (She was walking at 7 months) I can't remember how long Mason was in a crib, but, he did not walking till about a year. I think he told us he did not want the crib so we bought him one of those small fold out couch futons that were real low to the ground in case he feel out. He was a bossy little thing telling us what he wanted and when. Plus he was a little ocd about where his stuff went and how it was put away. Leah just did what she wanted, when she wanted. So I guess you can say we let them tell us and we just made sure they were safe from falling with side boards or low beds.
    They are too cute. I miss those days!

  8. Two little monkeys jumping in the bed!
    I'd go straight to a twin bed, toddler beds are overrated!
    Have fun!
    Happy jumping! :)

  9. How sweet that they get together :) Once they can get out of the crib by themselves is probably a good time to get a bed so there's no accidents. We never did toddler beds either, the kids just went right to my childhood twin bed & we bought portable side rails for it which we took on trips too.

  10. Those 2 are so cute! Enjoy them, because the years will just FLY by!


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