Saturday, May 30, 2009

Come join the birthday bash!

So have you guys missed me? I get so many wonderful comments after every post and I wish I could be posting every day!

But of course you know my computer situation and I've also been so busy lately it's crazy!

But I am still here and I still love all of you and have so many things I want to write about on here I'm pretty sure I'll never catch up!

This next week we will be busy over at The Giveaway with our big Birthday Bash! Katie has been working so hard getting it all set up and she now has over $2000 in prizes!

So please go HERE and check it out and spread the word!!!! It starts Friday June 5 and will include early bird prizes, door prizes, a carnival, a photo contest, a scavenger hunt and a live giveaway!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!! Tell everyone you know!

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