Friday, May 8, 2009

Am I the Mother of All Bloggers?

Nope. But I am the third Mother of all bloggers which is more than good enough for me!!
Thank you to everyone who voted for me! I got third place and I still can't believe I made it that far. The party on Momlogic was sooo fun last night, I met great people and learned some great information! Yes, I do really need a laptop, especially since my computer is on the fritz and if it dies I die too. Well, at least my blog does. But in third place I will still get a blog makeover and get featured on Momlogic! Sooo cool!

Except I have a problem and I need your help. You see, I kind of like my blog. I just redid it and I like that it doesn't look like most of the other blogs out there. But how do I, no thanks? Because I know they will do a better job than my amateur design, but I like that it is my own. Any advice or suggestions? Should I ask if I can give the free makeover away on my blog? Is that rude? Help!!!!

Anyway, last night my Star Trek Gelskin giveaway ended. The response on that was staggering, thank goodness I've got my comments numbered. So, out of 4 comments, one of which wasn't even an entry, #2 was randomly chosen!

mormonhermitmom said... 2

I'm a recovering Trekkie. The last series (Enterprise) lost me after the first season.
I would choose the Mobile Entertainment laptop because it had the most Gigs. The rest of the tech info I was totally lost on. Time to go back to school huh?

Congrats, mormonhermitmom! I'm sure that this will be just as exciting as winning a laptop! No seriously, I hope you do like it and can use it!

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  1. I have had that dilemma myself. I'd say, approach the person doing the makeover and ask if she would mind if you either chose someone else to gift it to, or held a giveaway on your blog. That should be appealing for her, since she would get more exposure and she would be giving away something she's already given, so she doesn't lose anything. Just a thought! Congrats, by the way!

  2. Well, you never know, you might like the new look they come up with better. Maybe you could ask them for a seasonal look, you know for Christmas or something, that you could use temporarily and go back to your design when you want to?

  3. Thanks for the skin! And oddly enough, I don't own a laptop but my husband does! I think he'll like it. He told me last night the new Star Trek movie looks pretty cool.

  4. I think you could totally ask to give it away on your blog -- just tell them that you recently redid yours and aren't ready for a change right now.

    I wanted to tell you that I love the new, softer, earthier colors on your header. Love it. But I am partial to white space on the sides. I like stripes, in general, and these are cute ones, but I find so much color to be a bit distracting.

  5. 3rd place rocks. I agree on the colors..V. nice. I am not one for background prints...just me.

  6. I agree with Lolli,

    Just ask. There's no harm in asking :D
    I admire you did this yourself! I didn't realize. I would want to keep it too if I did it myself.

  7. Hi, and am still new to this whole blogging thing! I just found your blog on MMB. I did know about the Mom Logic contest and I remember thinking, "I wouldn't want a new blog design! I like mine... it's so me..."
    I really like yours too. I am sure there is a nice way to say, "Thanks but no thanks."

  8. Can't they keep all the great things and maybe just re-arrange them? I am sure you have a say! They will work with you on what you want won't they? ask them and if they say "No" then I am sure they will understand when you say "no" too! They probably will just be able to add things that can improve it like a friend of mine is doing for me...hint, hint! I liked mine but, love hers now that I have it!! So, give them the benefit of the doubt and tell them the things you can't live without. Then they will work their magic, and it will be more then terrific! Have faith, I did and my friend did miracles!
    By the ARE number one in my book and always will be. I think I should have a fund raiser to get you a computer or enter every computer contest out there for you! Momnerd needs a computer!

  9. PS...finally figured out how to subscribe to posts...wooohooo, only took a few months!

  10. Oh yes, try a giveaway. I'm sure they would rather find someone that could use the make over.


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