Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ready for a change

First of all, I can't believe I haven't posted since Thursday! The sad part is that I just barely noticed. I really had no idea it had been that long.

Second, I couldn't stand the pink anymore and needed a change. Same graphic at the top, different everything else. It's a work in progress so bear with me.

Third, still no luck with jobs, I spent probably 4 hours today filling out applications for Eldon. I am pretending that I am not going out of my mind. Well, trying anyway.

Fourth, my Grandma's funeral was not sad for me. I know she is in a better place and that she's no longer in pain. I still don't really know how to explain my mixed feelings, it's pretty personal and I don't want to put anything in a bad light. So I am going to send you over to my sister's blog here where you can read more about her and her funeral if you'd like.

Fifth, I don't blame you if you are yawning to death reading this post. Booooring. But I am completely uninspired in the writing front lately. I know there are things I'm forgetting, awards I've gotten that I need to post about and other "business" that I know I didn't write down and have forgotten. So if you know of anything, please remind me!

And please, please, pray that we can find a job. And pray that I can find my brain. ;)


  1. I SO dig the new look - I love the banner. But if it were me I'd have the background stripes go vertical. That's just me tho (or maybe my monitor LOL) - do what makes YOU happy.

    I hope Eldon finds a job soon. I'm sure you guys must be worried.

    I can empathize about your "mixed feelings". There's no need to try to explain anything to your readers if you don't feel like it. We're here to read what you *do* want to share, not bug you for things you don't feel comfortable sharing! (And if anybody says otherwise, I'll rough 'em up for ya. HAHA)

    As for not blogging for a while... you know, I'm not feeling very bloggy lately either. In fact I procrastinated on all my Tuesday posts except Tackle, which was actually prewritten two nights ago. I'm half tempted to say pfffft and just log off right now. The blogosphere will survive. (But will my traffic - what little I get? That's what drags me back into the fray.) That said, a writer pal of mine is *this* close to quitting too - that says a lot for people's frame of mind lately, I think.

  2. I love the new blog look! I wish I could figure out how to do all that stuff. I need a makeover something fierce! I am sorry for your loss, but I totally understand how you feel about it. Sometimes it is time and it is okay. That's not a bad thing! I am praying for the job situation for you guys! There is light at the end of that tunnel! We are starting to see glimpses of it after 8 months, so I know you will see it, too!

  3. I love the blog look! :) I am sorry for your loss.

  4. I really like how you did your blog. It definitely fits you better and it gives me warm fuzzies when I look at it. I know exactly how you feel about grandma, I think we all feel similar feelings. Love ya!

  5. The new look is fresh and fabulous! So sad about your grandma, and it's totally understandable that you're feeling a bit flat and uninspired right now. Take care,Di

  6. I love the new look and the colors. You are really good at that.

    I'm still praying you will find a job, but on the other hand won't be too sad if you can't find one and stay here. ;)


  7. I'm not in a posting mood either, but I'm getting pretty sick of seeing the same post when I go to my blog - but I LOVE your new look!

    Have you guys checked into the new school district - the one that split off of Jordan School District? Janelle knows what it's called. Anyway, John said they are hiring lots of teachers right now. If you're interested in New Mexico - there's a new high school opening up in August in Rio Rancho - Cleveland High. We could be neighbors!

  8. Unemployment sucks. Hang in there. The brain will wander back.

    The colors are cool.

    Make a copy of one of those blank applications and have your twins fill it out. Hand it to hubby and say, "The kids helped." Produce the real filled in application after he faints.

  9. I LOVE the new look!! It's absolutely perfect!

  10. I love the new look.

    I like reading blog posts like this because it's a regular part of life and I appreciate you sharing it.

    You and your family will be in my prayers.

  11. Love the new look! It really looks fresh and clean!

    Hang in there!

  12. To repeat everyone else, I LOVE the new look! Great colors, gives a calming effect.

    I think I know where you're coming from on your grandma's death. I felt the same way when mine passed away. I was sad she was gone, but she had alzthimers (sp?) and it was a sad life, better for her to "go home". Its harder when a young one passes unexpectedly.

    I know there is something out there on the job front for ya. LOVE mormonhermitmom's Idea. Laughed out loud! Pray lots and you'll be guided. I'll be praying for you too.

    Seems there is a lot of the bah humbugs going on lately. Got a bit of it myself. Keep trying to find your happy place, take a deep breath and smile. And my favorite saying, Dance like no one is watching!

  13. I like the new look! There is nothing wrong with change. Good luck with the job front. Our prayers are with you and your babies (I mean family). :)

  14. I'm a big fan of your new look. Very cute. And easier on the eyes for some reason.

  15. I can so relates to where you are coming from! Laugh out loud, every time a bird chirps, it shows up on the dictation! Anyway, I am so behind on everything. Even thanking you for all that you have done for me! I absolutely love your new graphics and think it fits you better. from what my friends are saying, they love what you have done for my blog. the dogs are giving me that look, you know the one where they want to go out! So I had better go on now, I will talk to you soon, and hope to hear from you soon.


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