Monday, April 20, 2009

Magnaplay Winner and new Giveaway tomorrow!

The winner of my Magnaplay giveaway, using my handy little number generator is #13 who is:
Emily who said... 13

I subscribe

She had a TON of extra entries, guess that must help! Her initial entry was this:
Emily said... 11

I rarely have time to listen to the radio lately, and you won't like my suggestion because it is country, but I'm telling you anyway. We graduated with the main singer in this band. The song is called "I get that all the time" by Due West. The song plays on their website at It has a good message. You should listen to it!

Obviously she knows me pretty well!

I loved having all of the music suggestions. If you ever find a good song let me know!

And stay tuned for a new giveaway tomorrow. My hint is: never too young for music!

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