Thursday, April 2, 2009

If I only had a brain....doo do do do do do do

Seriously. Is it just me who seems to have an empty head right now? I'm knockin' but all I hear is this weird hollow sound. I can't seem to remember anything and I have about a dozen airhead moments every. day. And no, I'm not pregnant. I guess I just have a lot going on.

As a little update, things have been crazy. Eldon had two phone interviews this week. Then he had an interview 2 1/2 hours away today, he has another more than 3 hours away tomorrow (luckily my sweet friend Angela is going to tend for me so I can go too), and then he has another... get this....Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. another 2 1/2 hours away. And all three of these are in completely different directions. It's insane. But the exciting this is....we're getting interviews!!

Anyway, back to my airhead moment. I totally forgot that my book giveaway ended last night and I needed to pick a winner today. picked #36 which is

Tiffany819 who said... 36

I follow you- Tiffany819

Thanks for following, Tiffany! Those extra entries paid off!

For everyone else..... make sure you've entered my Chicbud giveaway and stay tuned for more book giveaways and product giveaways!

Oh, and of course I always love to have you here to listen to all the random stuff I come up with. Even if I don't have a brain....


  1. Who needs a brain with those interviews rolling in??

    Oh wait -- technically your hubby needs one. Hmmmm.

    Ignore me. I took my marbles out to play with them and now I've lost my marbles. ;-)

  2. Ya know, they never tell you the "prego brain" never actually goes away. From one mother to another, Cheers!

  3. I'm glad that your husband is getting job interviews. That is reassuring, isn't it?

    I have had two weeks of being busy, busy, busy...but good things are happening in my bloggy world, so I'm happy.

  4. I go through times like that! LOL! It usually means I am overwhelmed with stress, but it is annoying because it stresses me out more that I can't remember anything!

  5. That's pretty much how I've felt all week! "Doo do do do" back at you!

  6. I've lost mine, too. That's why I'm taking an at-home vacation all next week! Woohoo!

  7. Thank you so much!! I cannot wait to read this book. :)

  8. I am right there with you on the brainless moments!! I can't remember ANYTHING! I tell people to text me to remind me to go to a meeting and I forget where my cell is! And I also am NOT preggers. All the babies must of stolen all of our brain cells!!

  9. I blogged just yesterday about feeling out of it. Maybe it's the weather? Anyway, I hope you start feeling better soon!

  10. How exciting! The future is wide open - where will you go?

  11. congratulations to Tiffany!
    I wish I could enter the book contests two! But I Fall sleep within the first two paragraphs. I love to read so much! But for some reason I can read on that Internet with no problem accept after the first five paragraphs then I start to fall asleep. that is why I like the talking books.
    Sharla , you should know by now, that when spring comes around, spring fever hits full force! There has not been a spring that has gone by in my entire life were everybody has not gone a little whacky! And with the added stress with the interviews, you're gonna have a severe case! Remember I told you that I was having a very bad couple of weeks? Duh!! It is spring! The only cure for me is to go out in the garden and work. Which I cannot do! So...I will have to figure something else out. Ever see Bonanza where Haus would get it and they would have to cook up this horrible witches type brew and then tackle him to drink it? Wish I had the recipe!! LOL!
    Anyway, I'm so happy Eddon (LOL, my software dictates his name as "Old One"!) is getting interviews! This is fabulous! I am so excited for you folks! I will be saying my prayers daily and nightly and every morning. Oh, heck, I might as well just say them about every half hour!
    I'm hoping that you don't have to move too far! But, when Greg and I first got together, he was not working. Member I told you he was going into the mountains to be the next Jerimiah Johnson? And then he got a job about 90 miles north. It was very scary, but we made the move. We have been here ever since. Mason used to tell us when we would talk about moving, that he was never ever ever ever going to leave Bellingham! HA, HA, HA, look at him now! Trust in the lord, and he will take you where you need to go! Now, get ready for the kids to get spring fever, it is time to get them outside with their hands in the dirt planting flowers as soon as possible! even if it is just in flour pots. so far I've found that to be the best cure. good luck!


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