Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I said Yanni......NOT yawning.....jeesh

Okay, I am going to be totally honest here. I was sent a copy of Yanni Voices to review. My parents listened to Yanni when I was growing up and we always thought it was pretty.

But I have to admit we kids always called him yawning. Yep. It got pretty boring after a while. It all sounded the same to me. And yes, that was before my musical taste was as cultured and refined. Ahem.

Now, I never judge a book by it's cover. And as you can see the front cover is pretty tame, right? Of course I've always held that if I ever had a CD I would not put a picture of myself on the front. But that's cool. I mean, he's definitely got a new look, so that's good.

And then I flipped it over. And the "voices" on the back look like actors straight from Twilight. And I couldn't help but wonder.....did Yanni go looking for voices.....or vampires? So right there I admit, I was a little against this CD. Although I do think Ender is a really cool name.

But I'm getting way off topic here. The point is the music? And my answer is.....good. Not fantastic knock my socks off. But good.

And the thing I love best? I love that Yanni is no longer "yawning". The different genres, and yes, voices, bring a freshness to his music. And even though the girls look hoochie and the guys are gorgeous, the can actually sing pretty good too. Especially the guys. I was kind of surprised by the girls. I was expecting a more classical sound but one of them has a bluegrassy timbre to her voice and the other sounds totally pop to me. And yet at times I hear them singing in classical style as well. Which is totally cool.

Some songs I liked more than others. Some I barely liked at all. And I lost my CD case the first day so I don't know who's singing. But overall, pretty good.

Way to go Yanni. I'm not exactly up and dancing but at least I'm not yawning.


  1. Hmm, sounds interesting.

    Remind me some time to tell you privately about the town where I used to live - and the "house" Yanni and Linda Evans visited there. Good times.

    I must say, he looks like a different man without the foo-foo hair. Not a bad thing. lol

  2. He does have a different look, and I agree the "voices" look like they could have come from the twilight movie. I don't think I would ever pick this cd as one to listen to but maybe I might try it now. Just to see what it is like. Althought I would probably just check it out from library, I wouldn't want to pay for it.

  3. Hey - I just got your comment - I'm glad the box arrived and you enjoyed the goodies. You're right about the large number of votes some of those folks have...yikes! I was thinking the same thing yesterday when I went in to vote. Which reminds me - need to go vote again. ;-)


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