Thursday, April 23, 2009

$30 Cash winner!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for my friend, Emily. Unfortunately she didn't win but we got her almost 600 votes! The winner had almost 4,000 which means that they had almost 200 people who voted for them every day. Seems pretty far fetched to me, but maybe they really have that many friends. Or maybe they found a way to cheat! Oh, well. Popularity votes are always kind of hard and make me feel like I'm back in High School running for student body Sec/Treas. I won, but not by much.

Anyway, on to business, using my little random box #66 was the winning comment:

Tj and Amy said... 66

I subscribe. (email removed)

You can find her blog HERE! What a cute little family and their little girl is adorable! Congrats Amy!

If you didn't win this time no worries! I have a fun Piano for Preschoolers giveaway going on now and lots of great ones planned.

Oh, and if all goes well I will need all of you to help me get votes if I'm in the top 10 for the Mom Logic contest. Once again popular vote......sigh. But here's to dreaming!


  1. Congrats, Amy!

    I think if that winner of the other contest had 200 votes a day, that's not really too far-fetched *if* they (or a friend) have a blog with really high traffic. For instance, one blogger I know personally gets about 10K visitors in a day - I was happy when I consistently broke an average of 100 a day. LOL When I saw some of those people's votes start rolling in, I assumed somebody had a high traffic blog niche somewhere.

    That said, it doesn't mean they didn't cheat LOL but knowing some of the numbers I know from the "big names" in blogging - it's veddy possible.

  2. Oh well, it isn't everything to be popular right?


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