Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm baaaack!!! And the Blush winner!

Hello readers! I am finally back! I had so much fun but I am also glad to be back and not looking forward to catching up on the laundry. Ugh.
Anyway, my trip was good. My brother's show was amazing. I had fun with my family, especially going to Denny's at 11:00 at night and having the twins sleep through it in their stroller the entire time. It kind of stunk staying home while Eldon took Ebug to Disneyland but it was worth it so they could go. I don't think the twins are ready for it yet. The beach was a bit chilly and windy but we still had a blast. Saturday we actually got babysitters and went on a triple date which is a once a decade event. And then a 10 hour ride home today where the kids didn't fall asleep until about a half hour before we got home. We won't go there. Glad to be home, tired but rested as well. Lots to catch up on. I'll have pictures up soon too but I want to tell you who won the Blush giveaway!

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HappyClimate who said... 45

I know it is boring but I would pick a plain black one because that is what I would need for my show choir outfit!

Lucky #45 is amazingly my sister who's been trying to win one of my giveaways for ages! She finally got lucky! All those comments paid off!! I know she really wanted to try one of these so I'm excited for her!!

I've got a new giveaway coming tomorrow for those of you with wee ones in the house so stay tuned!!!! And I hope you all had a great week! (Wow, am I overkill on the exclamation points or what?)


  1. Yay Shelly! You won! How happy for you.

  2. Hurray! Hurray! I really wanted this one too. I am glad it will be useful and nice to have. Thanks sis!

  3. Aaahh.. sleeping babies at Denny's! How did that happen!

  4. Welcome back. We have missed you. I'm glad to hear you had a great time. You are right, Disneyland is not a place for very young children. I am so happy that your sister will take good use of the prize. Now I will have to go and buy one. There just two cool not to have one. I hope you do not exhaustive self getting everything back into order. It always seems that you have to have another vacation after taking a vacation. My dictating software is taking a while to get use too! Hope you can read understand this ok! Congrats to Sis, I know she will enjoy, and don't burn out on the laundry! Just wait till those twins are old enough, you think they are a handful now...just! PS, they are worth every precious moment! I will be anxiously awaiting pictures.


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