Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Have I held you in suspense long enough?

WOW! If I had known how fun that would be I would have said I had some exciting news a long time ago! Honestly, I would love it if it was everything you all guessed......except for the one thing that everyone guessed the most. I knew some would guess this but didn't expect so many. After all, my twins aren't even two yet! I mean, I have been thinking about it a lot lately but just so you know, I am NOT pregnant.

And I don't even have some amazingly huge giveaway for all of you (I wish and I do have a giveaway a week for the next two months), and I'm not doing a guest post anywhere yet (although I am supposed to do a couple in the next couple of months), and I don't have a giveaway where everyone wins, and I'm not even sure what Blogher is......

And I'm not suddenly lucky. As far as I know I didn't even win anything in the carnival (although I did win $100 from a giveaway before the carnival), but no lottery here or big companies supplying our wardrobe........

The comment that made me laugh the most was from All Rileyed up:
"I'm guessing that you went out and bought a groundhog just to find out what the weather forecast was, and now you're going to give said groundhog away on your blog. Oh, and you named your goundhog Jamming Jebediah, but he doesn't answer to it yet, so the future groundhog winner still has the opportunity to change his name.
(I have no idea where this answer came from - I just started typing...)"

But still, unfortunately, that is not true. So, without further ado and immense amounts of suspense....

oh wait, did I tell you that even my Mom is excited about this news? My sister thought maybe I was pregnant but don't they know that they would know before my blog readers? (sorry guys, love ya and you'd be second). I hope I don't get everyone worked up and then they're like.....oh big whoop.

So, I will add the disclaimer that this is very exciting news for ME, even if it isn't for you. Makey sensey?

Oh, are you still waiting for me to get to the point? Or have you scanned through and you're not even reading this because you went straight to the end? Okay, okay........I will not torture you any longer...

My exciting news is (drum roll)................

that I have been chosen to be one of the new partners at The Giveaway! Do you know what that means???? It means that I will be getting PAID for blogging, and I'll be getting FREE stuff. Oh yeah baby, totally. I've already earned some money. And Katie (the founder of the Giveaway), is sooo cool and fun to work with! I have only been working with her a few days and I already have at least three packages that will soon be in the mail for me. I would tell you what but I don't want to ruin the surprise! So now, you will have to haunt the Giveaway too because you will be hearing (reading) my voice on some of those posts as well. (and believe me, there is some good stuff coming up)

So that is my exciting news. I hope I didn't let anyone down. Oh, and one more favor, if you ever find an awesome site or shop online you let me know!

Thank you again for commenting and stay tuned for more great stuff. (well I think it's great anyway)


  1. Oh congrats! That's definitely exctiting stuff :) I love The Giveaway site.

  2. Congratulations!! Now I will HAVE to check out the Giveaway site! :)

  3. YAY! she must have needed to take a load off cause she hasn't been around much lately!

    way to go nerdy!! 8-)

  4. Very cool - Good for you!!!

    The Giveaway is awsome :))

  5. How cool - I hadn't been to the Giveaway.... so I will have to come visit. :-)

    And I was a good girl, I didn't scan through to the end just to see what it was. Though it was KILLING ME not to.......

    Did you enter my giveaway? Maybe you'll win there. Who knows? It's all up to Random.

  6. Congrats to you! That is exciting news! We are all so proud :)

  7. That is awesome. My friend has a really cool etsy site. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6340467, right now she is doing personalized valentine card, they are pretty awesome.

  8. That is AWESOME! I couldn't think of a better reviewer for us to haunt!

  9. How fabulous, congratulations. I'm really really excited and happy for you. WOOT WOOT.

  10. Wow! You go girl...about a month ago..I felt like it was just a few of us...now we gotta share...whine, whine... I am so excited and cannot wait to see so much more from you. You rock lady!

    I am glad you are not preggers...I came from twin family...it is HARD! I had mine 12 months apart...that was bad enough!

    I am very happy for you. Your life will no longer be the same or as lonely. Prayers do come true...see?

  11. Great news-especially for you. Free stuff is always cool! I am behind on my emails so I read you had a big surprise and then I cheated and just went to the blog to read what it was. It was too late to submit a guess anyway! I LOL when I read the groundhog guess. Too funny! Anyway, congrats and I am already a subscriber to the Giveaway and love that blog too. See ya around the internet!!

  12. PS- I also wanted to say that I just subscriber to your blog about a week or two ago and so far am loving it. You are a great writer and I love the humor you infuse in your posts. Nerds rule! LOL


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