Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh, so you noticed that "Mom" word did you?

So the other day we're in the car, (and yes, I am a minivan mom, gotta problem with it?) when Iz, my older twin by a minute, was being particularly whiny. After about the 10th time asking very nicely to please please please stop whining for no reason my voice got a little angry, I admit it, I was practically yelling. Weird thing is he actually stopped. But that's aside from the point here. I felt bad so I turned around once again and used my most loving mommy voice to tell him (and of course his twin brother Win) that I love him sooo much, my cutesy little bundly baby boo. (okay, I didn't really say that exactly) But you know what I mean.
Then my 8 year old Ebug pipes up with "You love me too, right Mom?" so of course I answer in the affirmative and for good measure tell my 4 year old Roo, the same. Then comes the next question....

"Mom, who do you love the best?"

I knew it was coming. One of these days in some form it was coming. Want to know what I said?

"Daddy of course, and then I love all four of you boys the same."

Maybe some of you have noticed that my title is "Mom" nerd. I know the nerd part is kind of eye catching right off, I know many of you have great sympathy, but the mom part is a HUGE part of who I am.

As you other mothers know.

Most of my pics and such are posted on my private blog (I know, I'm sorry, makes this one quite pictureless and boring for many of you) but I'm a bit paranoid about who sees my kiddieboos.

Of course I've recently figured out (justifying) that there's no harm in showing pics of them much younger. Not as fun as recent but at least no creepos can accost them on the street because they know what they look like.

So those are my boys: Ebug: 8, Roo: 4, Iz: 21 mths and Win: 21 mths. Have any questions about motherhood, twins, etc? You're welcome to ask but I'm just taking it a day at a time and trying to survive. I'd love to hear from all of you on the subject though!

Some things to look forward to:
A card post
Another giveaway
More books


  1. I have the best childrens book for you from the author of Guess how much I love you. It is called "You're all My Favorites" by Sam McBratney. You will love it!

  2. I love your kids names! Especially "Wins"...LOL! No I love them all, they are unique and cool and will not have problems with having 3 or 4 kids in the same class with the same name! I tried that with my kids and I did pretty well. Sarah was not popular, nor was Leah, and definitly not Mason!

    Your post reminded me of a time when we were all traveling in the "Mini Van" in Wyoming on our way to Colorado. We had just seen "Old Faithful" and were in the mountains with steep, deep cliffs on the passenger side. We have captains chairs, thank goodness, for the kids to have their own chairs, and far enough from each other so they could not "touch" each other and they could lay the chair back when they wanted to sleep.

    Any way...We were having a blast..too much to the point of Papa spewing his drink all over the windshield and steering wheel. Then all the sudden I heard my little sons voice crack..."Mom?"....I turned to see him peering down the side of the car and down the sharp drop off into nothingness just inches from the car and I asked.."what is it sweety?" He asked so slowly and quietly.."Am...I...afraid...of..heights" I did everything to hold back a chuckle and asked him.."Does your stomach feel funny and your head feel like it is spinning?" (I am afraid of heights..so I know the feeling) And he said in a whisper...(I think he was afraid if he made to much noise it might distract Papa and his driving), "Um..yeeeaaah" Then I asked..."would you like to change seats with your sister?" Whom I knew was scared of nothing..she was a dare devil that always acted before thinking. (once, while only 4, she was on the balance beam and told the teacher to step away, "I can jump myself",she told the teacher while waving her away... the teacher, hesitantly stepped back and said.."just jump straigt down" and Leah..being the dare devil, risk taker..tried to do a flip and landed on the back of her neck..you could hear the crowd all gasp with shock..just imagine my reaction! She just jumped up and wanted to do it again..the teacher was pretty upset and told her to sit out. This is one of her...gasp! actions that would scare us to death! ) Anyway, so She piped up and said..."Yeah...I'll trade with ya" and so they both started to switch seats when my son said..."Good...that way Leah will die first if we fall!"
    Papa and I just laughed as Mason snickered at his sister who laughed also and then called him a scaredy cat. We all laughed so hard, but, at least Papa did not have a mouthful of soda this time!

    Even though it might seem like a cruel thing to say, he said it in a light hearted jokingly way. His heart is as big as Texas and he is a huge practical joker.

    One thing I was always worried about was how the kids felt about the way we treated them differently from eachother. Especially as they got older.

    They all were so different and had different goals and attitudes. I wish I had that book above about 6 years ago or so. It was very difficult to try and make sure we tried to show our love and respect for each of them equally. Especially when they were so different, having one that was suffering from mental deficits and another that was almost genuis. Then the oldest one that was from a different dad and seemed to be treated differently, spoiled by her dad when she would visit because he would cram a whole bunch of fun into a week, etc. Then she would come home and having to live "reality" of chores and sharing, etc was tough! She enjoyed the "single child" when she would get spoiled and recieve all the attention.

    We were not rich, but, blessed to have had what we had. We tried to make sure they all were involved in the programs or sports they wanted to be involved in and could participate in the events that were important to them. But, we tried not to let one get more attention then the other.

    So many tough decisions to make when it comes to the kids and how they feel regarding the reason you chose the other child and not them to recieve something or go somewhere. Usually we based it on what their interests were, like Leah was lil' miss drama queen, wanted to dance, sing, act, etc. Mason was the Math and science nerd and also the baseball player until he shocked everyone and joined the track team and was the only one in his school to win and go to state his first year in Cross Country...then won State and broke State, district, school records the next 2 years.

    Both the girls, now feel as though we had a role in making Mason so successful. But, it is not true.

    I try to explain that we let the kids make their own choices in what they wanted for their goals, and what paths they chose to get to where they wanted to go. Each was different and had different likes and goals.

    All I can do now is talk to them about it and how it might be affecting the choices they make today. Being open and honest and willing to listen and learn about what they saw and thought is very important. Just because I think they should know why I did things, does not mean they knew what I was thinking and visa versa. Even though I tried hard to keep the lines of communication open as the grew up...it got harder as they got older and assumed I would not understand even if they tried to tell me. So, it took a lot of probing to get them to talk or spit out their feelings. I learned it had to be done gently, with care and at the right time.

    But, I laughed so hard at your irrations with trying to tell your children several times to please stop whining. I would remember myself doing the same thing, "Please stop whining sweety, mommy is trying to drive"...."you need to stop whining honey cause mom is trying to drive"...."STOP YOU WHINING RIGHT NOW..or I am pulling over the car and we will sit in this car until you learn how to stop acting this way!!!!" My voice would get louder and louder! LOL! Then they would quiet down..scared if they made a sound I would flip out, I am sure.

    Then i would break the silance with a "Hey, after we are done, and you guys don't whine anymore...wanna get some stuff to make Sundae's at home and watch (some disney movie we had on tape)?" And we would be back to normal talking about what kind of Sundae they wanted to make and which movie they had not seen in a while.

    Ok, nuther novel curtosey of Michele.
    It just hit home with me, how my kids where always comparing the love of Papa and I towards them and their siblings. Even now as adults. But, at least we can talk about it. You will see that kids suffer from temporary insanity from 13 to 19, and there is no cure! But, at least you can look forward to when they become adults and will talk to you about anything and everything...and somethings you would prefer not to hear about at all!

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  4. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I love your adorable blog! So cute!


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