Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dude, it's a card

I have been feeling very uninspired in the creative realm of life lately. I'm in more of a survival mode. (perhaps some of you have been there yourselves). But here is the card I made for my latest card exchange. The stamps come from the Stampin Up! So cool set. I am going to be making my son's Valentines cards. Actually, he and I will be making them together. And I totally swear scouts honor that I will try to not micromanage the entire process and make them into what I want instead of what he wants. I swear, really, totally, for sure.


  1. Hey Sharla. I dedicated an entire post to you. And now am languishing because you have not responded!

  2. Yeah, uh-huh..just like Papa did not make Mason's diorama. I had to take it all apart and have him make another because Mason left and played video games while Papa did all the work! I am the bad guy...course that was when he was in middle school!

    I have a basket of stamps, inks, stickers, etc for card making. I have made like 2 cards in the 3 years since aquiring all these materials from a friend. They are all in a basket...a REAL Honestly, I should do something with them. Tons of stamps, stickers, papers, etc. I will have to stop blogging long enough to make something up, but, I am going to need more inspiration. Now that Valentines day is almost here. Maybe you can post some idea's for this artist that has only made a couple cards in 3 years and has a huge creative block!
    I should finish start posting my crafts on my blog...I just can't seem to get good enough pictures..especially with the jewelry.
    Maybe I will just send you the supplies and you can make me a couple cards! Yeah...that is it...all I need is a Valentines card for...Papa, Mason, Sarah and Her husband. Ok, Ok...I will TRY. But, i will keep checking back for some inspiration. So if you can get some pics of more Valentine cards, I would be ever so appreciative!!

  3. A few years ago I tried to make Valentines with my daughter and she seemed to be having fun. But a couple of days before Valentine's day, we were in Target and she told me she had to buy some Hello Kitty Valentines. I asked her what happened to the ones we made together and she said they were all lost. A couple of weeks after Valentine's Day, I found the ones we had made together stuffed behind some toys in her closet. When I asked her about it, she said "OH that's were those sneaky things went." Oh well, I guess Hello Kitty trumped homemade!


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