Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm a sore loser

I have been anticipating today because I entered my picture into the photo contest at 5 minutes for mom and once again (for the fourth time) I am not a finalist. I know, I know, not everyone can win and yes I am happy for those that are finalists and yes, I know that I'm not a very good photographer but I thought for sure this one would at least be in the top 20. And what a nice treat it would have been to be in the top 20 after my day yesterday.

So yes I am whining and being a sore loser and going against everything I know to be right to say that I am sick of entering my cute kids into these photo contests and not even being a finalist. So go look at my picture and then go look at the finalists. I really think my cute boys deserved to be there. Oh well, you win some you lose some but I must admit right now I don't want to try anymore. And I really really could have used that grocery money.........

Boy oh boy do I sound negative. I'm sorry but I just have to let it out so I can let it go.

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  1. Hi Sharla!!!
    Thanks for responding to my blog a million years ago! I'm retarded at the computer and don't know how to get to your email from here, so I thought I would just say hi! Don't give up on the contests. You will win eventually! I noticed your favorite movie is Strictly Ballroom. I haven't seen that since college and wondered where on earth can I find it? My email is or But please only send me real personal messages and no interesting reads or junk mail of any sort because it is one of my pet peaves! But I would love to chat! Later-


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