Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Book Giveaway Winner

Thank you to the four people that responded to my book giveaway! To be honest, I'm shocked I had any comments since my blogs have been very boring lately. (Who wants to come back to a blog that always says the same thing?!) The summer is essentially over, we're done with vacation, and our computer is fixed now so hopefully I will have more time to write. You would not believe my list of things to do though. To start off, I need to announce the winner of the book. I used Random.org and it picked number four which is actually my cousin that just discovered me on the web.
Becky said: "Hi there! It is fun to see all your blogs. It is also fun to see all the skills you are perfecting as you deal with everyday mommy challenges. I love reading and it is funny, Mark and I were just talking about this book the other night, he has a friend that highly recommended it."

Thanks for your comment Becky, I will be mailing that book to you soon! Thanks to those that read my boring blog, too! I hope it will get exciting soon! (But don't hold your breath.)

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