Friday, May 2, 2008

I finished a project!.....well almost anyway

Here is my nearly finished address book. I am still trying to decide what, if anything, to say on the front. So to anyone who actually reads this, comment telling me what to put on it, if anything, and if I pick yours you will get coolest person of the year award. Yay!! Anyway, here's a picture. I used the new DS paper from Stampin Up! I think it's afternoon tea or something like that. And it's the chipboard album and ribbon and some cool punches and all that fun stuff. I can give more details to anyone that leaves a comment asking for them but I'm just too lazy to go figure out what all I used. But here it is anyway, inspired from my friend Em and her awesome classes!

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  1. Hey!!That looks really amazing. Do you do it as a hobby, or something you are just good at? Anyway, even I try my hads sometime on stuff like this. Not making a scrapbook may be,but made a few cards, but the things is I go all around the city to look for stuff I can make my acrds with, while your looks wonderful and you made it with some leftover stuff, right?


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